Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
5 awesome things to do in Dubai to celebrate your winter birthday

We all come out of shells once winter rolls in, as its most magical moments in Dubai. Dubai is known for its hot climate, with its summer lasting from April through October. Winter months in Dubai provide pleasant weather that are perfect to enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about freezing temperatures. Winters in Dubai is a favorite vacation spot among tourists and the city seems on the peak. Clear weather, bright blue skies vibe makes everyone want to get out. if you are craving for some of the best activities try out in Dubai with your family or friends, winter is an ideal item.  Dubai offers the best hotspots to celebrate your birthday. From getting drenched in a thunderstorm to hot chocolate in the ice, there’re a lot of interesting things to enjoy.

  1. Get Drenched in Green Planet, Dubai

Dubai’s Green Planet has a new experience called the Tropical Thunderstorm, every day between 1-5 pm. It would be a fantastic treat from parents to their kids on their big day. Experience allows to enjoy a sneak peek of how thunderstorm would look like in a rainforest. The storm in the tropics lasts around five minutes. It’ll instantly transport you to the jungle. Green planet is one of the amazing places for kids as they can sing, splash, jump or hear the rumbles from the jungle. The entire scenario looks so real that you can also spot animals playing in the storm. Along with this, you can also watch the electric flashes of light. Feel the wind blowing combined with high tech audio and visual effects. Get guidance form the experts and make the experience at Green planet remarkable.

  • Hire a yacht and cruise along the sea

We are all aware of Dubai’s richness and there’s not better option to admire the beauty of this amazing city than hiring a private yacht.  The views and unique experiences are nuts. You must arrange a yacht birthday party, it not only offers good food and drinks, but you can also ask for a personal chef who can spruce up treat.

Yacht hire Dubai allow you enjoy the best birthday party Dubai in a luxurious as well as unique way with your loved ones.  You can hire from the plenty of yachts in Dubai.  However, if the guest list is big or too small, there’s also option to book a shared yacht including lotus mega yacht, desert rose yacht, as well as virgo yacht in Dubai. Winters are ideal for day-time celebration and yacht could be the best choice for outdoor venue. There could be no exciting feeling than cutting your birthday cake in the middle of the water around your special ones.

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  • Dubai Ice Rink, The Dubai Mall

There’s no better way to enjoy the real meaning of winters than taking to the ice at Dubai Ice Rink. The Olympic-sized rink is located at The Dubai Mall offers number of amazing activities for both kids and adults. There’re social skating sessions where the youngsters can see their figure skating skills. You can also take part in ice hockey lessons and games. The sessions are can be booked in advance for a 90-minuts. It’s fascinating to know that, you can enjoy winter foods here offered in the Ice rink.

  • Eat at Dubai’s Best Restaurants

It’s interesting to know that Dubai is filled with multiple cuisines from all around the world. You can enjoy from Lebanese, Italian and Turkish, to the Chinese and Japanese. The city offers some of the best restaurants, you can Invite your friends to enjoy a delicious feast at one of the best restaurants of Dubai.  it would be best to book a table in advance and request for some birthday decoration. The choices are endless, so, take your time and find the best restaurant. Although, it’s the simplest way to have a birthday party in Dubai, but it’s continent and simple way to have some blast.

  • Global Village

Global village allow you explore the world right from this festival park. It offers a multicultural experience where guests from all round the world take part and taste wide range of international cuisines. In winters, Global village is one of the biggest festivals. So, can make your birthday experience remarkable in between the traditional cultural performances, entertaining live shows, as well as around stunning replicas of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Their Carnaval is a favorite among visitors with over 30 themed rides and skill games available. In short, Global Village Dubai has it all for tourists of any age as well as any background.