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When you think of office interior design in Bangladesh, what comes to mind? A huge space with lots of people dressed in formals at separate tables or cubicles, each working on their own. Maybe a closed-off manager’s cabin at one side. Not much excitement or innovation in the layout and interior decor, right?

Here’s the thing, though.

Just as Bangladesh is modernising, office design in Bangladesh is rapidly becoming more and more progressive and futuristic.

If you are looking to build a workspace in today’s Bangladesh, this is what you need to know.

Important features of modern office design in Bangladesh

The modern Bangladeshi workspace looks to fulfil three essential functions:

  • Meet the needs of all its employees.
  • Engage with visitors, customers and clients.
  • Help employees tap into their creative energies to deliver the best results.

And how does it do this?

By having some inbuilt features. Take any office interior in Dhaka and you will see these features in action.

Ergonomic furniture

If you don’t know, ergonomic furniture is furniture that is designed for efficiency and comfort in a working environment.

Ergonomic furniture minimises the physical effort involved in work, allows for colleagues to collaborate as much or as little as they want and helps workers concentrate on their work.

Scientific lighting design

Lighting is a key aspect of an efficient work space.

  • Poor lighting can strain people’s eyes and tire them out.
  • Improper lighting (like excessively bright lighting and/or lighting of an unsuitable colour) can hamper focus and effort.
  • Disregarding natural lighting altogether is not good for employees’ health.

Incidentally, having proper lighting is also important in other kinds of design like duplex house design in Bangladesh.

Rest areas

Earlier having a “rest area” in the office would be considered a client’s fancy. But now, with advanced medical research we know about how real mental stress of work is and how it can lead to burnout.

To avoid that, it is important to have rest areas in the workspace for employees to refresh themselves during brief breaks.

Collaborative layouts and open design

A lot of today’s office work is team and collaboration-based. Office workers need to be able to easily brainstorm and cooperate with one another, hold impromptu meetings and ask for feedback on tasks easily.

This promotes creativity and increases productivity.

Modern Bangladesh office design will focus on reducing architectural barriers as much as possible, and make it convenient for workers to work together.

Motivational office decor

Motivational office decor can seem like another fancy but it can in fact inspire employees to work harder and exert their creative energies, which means more innovation and higher productivity.

This can also engage with visitors and clients and make them feel good about the company.

This is highly important in creating a modern working environment for the Bangladesh of today and tomorrow.

Features of modern Bangladesh office design: key takeaways

Helping workers work smart, reducing the need to work hard unnecessarily and connecting with potential customers – these are the key aims of workspace design.

Some of the best ways to do that are ergonomic furniture, scientific lighting, rest areas, open layouts and motivational decor.

However, these would need to be balanced with the brand image of the company for a successful office design.

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