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Get your fireworks ready! Independence Day is just around the corner: from red, blue, and white color combinations to budget-saving decor, this holiday needs a lot of planning. Who works, parties hard. 

We have prepared the best tips for 4th of July house decoration. They are quick and simple, so it will take you no time to get ready to throw a party! Follow the main 2022 trend: bring indoor furniture outdoors. But it would get dirty, you say? Just put a slipcover on any furniture piece and protect it from dust, stains, and damage. Also, get it in patriotic colors and enjoy the look. Let’s get into details! 

Shop for flags and accessories in advance because as soon as you read this article, the lines in the malls and deliveries will get overwhelming. 

Get ready to host the most spectacular Independence Day soiree (even if it’s a small family gathering), and bring red, blue, and white into your house and backyard. Let’s start!

Organize a picnic

Enjoy your macaroni salad and beverages under the sun. A picnic can be a stand-alone event among the July holiday celebrations. Moreover, having fun outside saves you a ton of time on cleaning afterward. Just throw plastic utensils in the trash can, and you are done! What about the furniture? Easy solution!

Just put a slipcover on the couch or armchair brought from inside the house. One-Size-Fits-All covers take only 2 minutes to install and no time for rubbing them with cleansers after guests’ spilled drinks and crumbs. Oh, and the dirty paws are no longer a problem either. Slipcovers are machine washable and long-lasting. Remember that it’s an Independence Day, not a Great Cleaning Day. 

Make sure you have a star-spangled blanket and tablecloth to the top of your picnic scene. Combined with garden greenery and warm sun, this 4th of July has all the chances to become unforgettable!  

Make room for extra seating

Guests should feel comfortable, do you agree? Arrange enough seating for each of them: round up folding tables and chairs and put benches on which several people can sit at once.

When a person walks outside your house, they should always be able to find a place for them to sit at. Awkward standing won’t make you a respectable host. Also, take care of an umbrella or a tent to beat the heat. Getting a sunburn isn’t part of the fun. 

Create a photo booth

Families tend to take a lot of photos when they gather. Combining bright colors and electric energy makes this day perfect for photo booth activities.

To create one, put stars, stripes, and balloons on the backdrop. Collect some flags, hats, mustache pieces, and sunglasses for guests to pose with. If you have a smartphone stand, then you’re the lucky one! Hands-free photos are the best ones.

Also, a photo booth is a great decor solution. It makes a bright accent and sets the right mood. 

Show your patriotic colors

Red, blue, and white everywhere! Besides buying flags and other patriotic decor online, stay creative: paint or dress up your lawn.

Use grass-friendly spray paint and get artsy. You can go with a national flag or come up with bears dressed in patriotic colors. You can purchase these standing garden figures or create ones on top of the lawn.

Another decor idea is getting a slipcover for your furniture in red, blue, or white. An ensemble of colorful couches or armchairs will create a wow effect. They are highly stretchable and thus easy to install. Slipcovers protect your furniture from damage and ensure your guests are comfortable sitting because their practical braces block the fabric. Be confident in color durability as each piece maintains color and shape after 120 washes. 

We can never get over these colors in years! So let them prevail in holiday decor.

Go all over with 4th of July decor

If this year you decide to celebrate outside, follow a natural theme. Furnish with patriotic bouquets: collect red, blue, and white flowers from your garden or local store. It could be simple daisies, cornflowers, and roses. 

Use patriotic cushions to adorn your furniture or a picnic blanket. Bring extra comfort and a festive look! Use bright dishware, table decorations, and banners and flags. Make a centerpiece out of flowers and ribbons.

As for the silverware, don’t just put it near the plate. Take mason jars with patterns like stars and stripes to hold forks, knives, and spoons. Each guest can take the necessary utensils from out there. And no need to bother the busy host if someone’s fork fell on the ground!

Hang string lights

Though the 4th of July is always so much fun, some romance won’t hurt anyone. As it gets dark, lights will brighten up the space and create a cozy atmosphere. That’s when you know it’s time to get together with your family and friends and talk sincerely. 

Use colorful light bulbs to light the Independence Day party up!

Set up placemats for guests

Before your guests arrive, place napkins, plates, and utensils in front of each person’s seat. Adding name tags is optional, but showing the family where to sit can be fun. And if you invite new people, some of them may feel uncomfortable meeting your friends for the first time, so the trick with name tags can become a real ice breaker.

You can find disposable tableware in any shop with stars, stripes, and patriotic colors. There is no need to wash dishes afterward, making it a perfect holiday solution.

Decorate with balloons

Personalized balloons are always a must-have for any party. Use the patriotic theme, simple red, white, and blue or star-shaped balloons everywhere people can notice. 

Memories from childhood, these inflatable figures are a great decor idea to use.  

Spruce up the guest room

Some guests may stay overnight, so prepare a room for them thoroughly. They should feel at home. 

Just throw on a festive blanket, pillows, and some fresh flowers (low-key wildflowers with leafy greens will look nice). Ensure each guest has a personal towel, pack of wipes, and sanitizer. It feels good to refresh after a long day of summer activities.

Are you ready?

Put a protective slipcover on your couch from the living room, set up a picnic area in the garden, paint a lawn, buy every possible decor in patriotic colors, and enjoy the holiday. Happy 4th of July!

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