Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Halloween will soon be here (10/31), and if you’re preparing a themed campaign to coincide with the occasion, it’s essential to take note of the top Halloween trends of the year to stay on top of any relevant changes to you.

Over the past ten years, Halloween has increased in consumer popularity and relevance within the retail calendar. The spookiest shopping event in the world is expanding, but it is also changing significantly. Based on early Halloween engagement activity, here is a look at some of the current critical trends of significance.

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Halloween celebrations continue to be heavily reliant on social media.

Facebook topped the list of social media sites users turn to for inspiration for Halloween festivities. YouTube is also snagging a sizeable portion of the social inspiration traffic this year, with 19% of those questioned indicating they use the video site to find ideas for Halloween costumes.

The top sources of Halloween inspiration for decorating and costume ideas include other well-known social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Consumers begin looking for Halloween-related items as early as May, according to Pinterest, the world’s favorite idea engine. The number of Halloween-related searches on the platform constantly rises from May to October.

Pop culture and entertainment fuel numerous brilliant ideas 

According to a study, 38.7% of Halloween revelers choose their costumes based on what is simplest to obtain. And 20.8% will select one of the traditional costumes, such as superheroes, enormous hot dogs, or witches—the usual suspects. However, this year has also seen the emergence of some highly unique ideas inspired by streaming. 

13.5% of consumers will draw ideas for costumes from current TV series or movies. 12.3% will look to the past for inspiration from an old TV show or movie, and 11.49% will select costumes per current social media memes and trends.

Trick-or-treating alternatives are emerging everywhere.

Halloween events with a stronger local focus are becoming more prevalent. As a result, while going door to door to collect candy doesn’t seem as commonplace today, attending fall or Halloween events is becoming increasingly popular.

By hosting costume parties and participating in fashion displays to flaunt their costumes, older Halloween revelers are furthering the “experiences” trend for a holiday. This year, 25% of people intend to host or attend a Halloween party, compared to 24% who will trick-or-treat. 

43% of young adults between 18 and 24 have their sights set on a Halloween party. In addition, social media posts about events like fashion shows and parties tend to be more interesting than those about trick-or-treating.

Halloween shopping and celebrations vary depending on where you reside.

People observe Halloween in different ways. Consumers’ propensity to spend money on sweets, look for a costume online, or carve a pumpkin may differ depending on where they live. Regional data, for instance, reveals that, in comparison to other regions of the nation, Midwesterners are more likely than those in other areas to decorate their homes or yards or take their children trick-or-treating.