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4 Secret Destinations from Memphis4 Secret Destinations from Memphis

Memphis is home to great musicians such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. But the city’s fame went out the musical broads, and it became the popular starting point for Southeastern road trips. A specific vibe, wrapped in blues, soul, and rock-n-roll, is found among travelers over a long period. Peak seasons are actually hot and attract thousands of nature lovers, music fans, and history enthusiasts. There are plenty of exciting places to go, but in this article, we collected five secret destinations for relaxing getaways. Start making plans for them right now.

Preparing for a trip

Before you learn about destinations, make sure that you select a comfortable way of transportation and are ready to interact with unfamiliar places. Do some research beforehand, and the journey will go more smoothly and cost-efficiently. Getting a deal with cheap car rentals or finding a room for a bargain price is a matter of time, usually earlier than better. Coupons, promo codes, perks, and discounts are available from various sources. Read the information below to learn it.

What’s better: to rent a car in the USA or to use public transportation

The answer depends. For city adventures, a car is desired but not demanded. On the other hand, personal vehicles save a lot of time and are safer than public transportation, although the Memphis Area Transit Authority works coherently. Pay attention that suburban and distant areas are easily reachable only by car.

Moreover, auto gives certain facilities and better protection from risks to get contracted COVID-19, especially for group trips. Car rental in Memphis TN airport provides excellent service and an extensive fleet. Suitably accommodated locations are placed on the website so you can estimate approximate departure in a few minutes. Promotions, prices, and car class descriptions are published on one page so that decisions would be made quickly. If not, client support will help to solve other questions.

Travel apps that make life easier

  1. The Memphis Travel Guide is a great helper when you are accidentally taking a free moment in the schedule or still thinking about where to go. The app contains detailed offline maps and tips, including restaurant and hotel recommendations. Enjoy the city and make routes by yourself.
  2. Dosh: Find Cash Back Deals. Shop, dine, and earn receiving cashback when using cards. The service covers a broad range of areas: eBay, Sephora, Walmart, DoorDash, etc. Hotel bookings are also paid; later, cash can be transferred to your bank account.
  3. app  allows finding cars for rent in Memphis near you in a minute. The booking process is facilitated with several clicks, so whatever you want, a van for the family journey, SUV for a long road, or a luxurious one for a business trip, everything is handy and available 24/7. Free cancellation options, comparing the rates for the best option for you, constant contact with specialists, everything designed to take good care of every customer.

Now there’s only a need to pick up the destinations for a full plan. Let’s consider our top five together.

Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge, Mississippi

Distance from Memphis: 50 m

Perfect variant for a family day trip to recharge the battery from city noise on the river shores. Your kids will be busy exploring rich wildlife or further exhibits for educational purposes. The refuge was established in 1964 and has served as an important area for wintering waterfowl and different groups of migratory birds. Some mammals, reptiles, and fish are based in the refugee permanently.

Birmingham, Alabama

Distance from Memphis: 3h 30m

Birmingham is a historically-focused destination, and Southern culture covers various aspects, including cuisines, music, and the famous Civil Rights history. It would be nice to start with it for the first time and go to the Birmingham Civil Right Instituteand Birmingham Civil National monuments. For another experience, try a food scene, down-home dishes, and culinary delights from JamesBeard award laureates. Both taste amazing.

Nashville, Tennessee

Distance from Memphis: 3h 10m

Nashville combines parties and cultural activities as well. Inconsistent things come together harmoniously and create something new every time you come to the Athens of the South. There are many things to do, and one of the unusual ones is indie shopping. It is an excellent reason to try a new style of clothing.

Chickasaw State Park

Distance from Memphis: 1h 26m

Chickasaw State Park is known for its great outdoors and water recreation. Everyone can find activities for themselves, such as golfing, birding, paddling, and hiking for different levels of complexity that are comfortable to stroll with kids. Swimming is also available on the wonderful beach of Lake Placid. This activity is free but at your risk because there are no lifeguards on duty.


Those places are soaked with a unique energy that will keep pleasant memories in mind to warm everyday life. Hope that you’ve picked the place to visit and are considering booking the next trip. Good luck!

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