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When it comes to condominiums, similar to most pretty shiny things, they tend to come with a heavy price tag. Therefore, buying a new launch complex property with individual suits might be considered the most affordable option for owning a beautiful unit. They typically come with a big discount from the developers, such as early bird discounts, vouchers, and stamp duty reimbursement. Keep reading and learn more practical steps to help you buy a new launch condo in one of the next areas.

  1. Sort Out Your Finances

This is considered the primary step; it’s a pain, but assessing your finances and determining how much you can afford to pay for a property like the continuum condo in Singapore, are the most crucial steps when purchasing a home. This might save you a lot of money if you try sorting your finances right from the beginning. It is helpful to avoid entering into a transaction above your budget and being forced to abandon it afterward. If you check out the guidelines about financing a condominium purchase, you will learn insight if all the costs associated with buying a unit. 

  1. Look Around

Once you have your budget, it helps to start shopping around for new-launch condo apartments that you might be interested in buying. At this point, please engage a real estate agent. Although this is not a must, a local real estate agent will immensely help locate the right property and guide you through the buying process. If you prefer doing the research by yourself, you may find information about new launches of the property.

  1. Visit the Local Real Estate Show Flats

In most occurrences, a couple of days before the official date of a new launch condo, potential purchasers are provided with the opportunity to visit the investors’ show flats. The units are not yet ready for sale, and the actual charges are not yet disclosed. Instead, local real estate developers may offer indicative flat prices, which are not usually exaggerated. Besides, if you are keen enough, it can be easy to clean an expression of interest form to purchase a new launch condo. Remember that the EOI form needs to be handed to the developer and a blank cheque directed to the real estate developer’s private account. Remember that the blank should be a 5% booking fee on the condo. This happens only if you wish to proceed with the buying process. Therefore, the amount may be inputted properly when the costs are revealed.

  1. Book the Property of Your Choice

When the official launch day comes, it would be ideal to visit the show flat earlier and submit your ballot number. After that, you should wait for your ballot number to be mentioned and book immediately. It is an excellent insight to have a few launch condominiums shortlisted. This will allow you to have fallback options. After booking a unit, the developer will offer you property details information.


 When you go through this guide, you will find it helpful, especially when trying to get the continuum condo. Whether you are unfamiliar with real estate, this guide is very easy to understand.

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