Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Buy Summer T-shirts

With summer just around the corner, you might start bringing the most comfortable wardrobe to survive the scorching heat.

If you think of summer clothes and comfort, the first thought that comes to mind is T-shirts. T-shirts are possibly one of the most comfortable types of clothing widely accepted worldwide. In Bangladesh, t-shirts are well-accepted and regularly used, even more so in summer.

So, thinking of buying t-shirts this summer, thus want to know the t-shirt prices in Bangladesh? Considering the convenience of shopping with desirable features and benefits, we discuss the best online stores to buy summer t-shirts from this summer.

Let’s check out our options.

Best Stores to Buy T-shirts Online in Bangladesh

Following is a list of online stores that sell t-shirts and are most likely to have amazing collections for summer:


Shopoth.com is a major provider of fashion commodities for people all around Bangladesh. They have an enormous collection of diverse products. Whether you need groceries, electronics, clothes, or any other necessities, it can be a one-stop solution for these situations.

Focusing on our specially considered needs here, shopoth.com has a huge collection of clothing for all demographics, seasons, and occasions that we could think of in Bangladesh. The clothes section is well categorized and specified with filters that make navigating to your desired section easier.

In specific sections, you can find t-shirts from popular brands like Lenor, Tanjim, Ecstasy, and non-branded local products. You get the liberty of choosing the size, color, and in some cases, even fabric type. Browse through the enormous collection to find your desired summer t-shirts with exciting designs.

Whether you prefer plain t-shirts or ones with unique and eye-catchy designs, you can find it all on shopoth.com. Go to their t-shirts section, filter out your desired t-shirts and choose your t-shirts to purchase. Shopoth.com offers both pick-up and delivery.


Fabrilife is the pioneer of the on-demand-print platform in Bangladesh. This online platform has been a major game-changer in the country’s garments and online shopping industry.

It is also a large crowdsourcing platform that helps creative people transform their concepts into goods and income. Thus, it enables you to create personalized items and buy them on the spot, construct a store in minutes with as many campaigns (products) as you like, market the store and its campaigns, and earn sales without incurring any costs or risks.

Fabrilife handles production, shipping and delivery, customer service, and all other activities that allow you to focus on sales and ensure customer satisfaction. In other words, you can create your line of t-shirts and manage the sales while Fabrilife takes care of all other processes in the background.

If you’re looking to buy t-shirts for this summer, you can either choose from the existing campaigns or even make your line of comfy t-shirts for Fabrilife. You can go wild with creativity and design your unique line of t-shirts to wear and share with loved ones this summer.


Daraz is one of the country’s biggest online shopping platforms. They have almost everything you can think of. Though they are known particularly well for electronics and gadgets, their clothing section is enriched with impressive collections of clothing items for everyone and almost all occasions and seasons.

You can go to daraz.com.bd and look at the clothing section, where you can filter out t-shirts to see the enormous collection they have. Moreover, there are amazing deals on Daraz that you can make the most of. You can choose from their huge collection and find amazing deals with fast delivery times and reasonable return policies.

Not only does Daraz feature domestic suppliers, but there are also foreign vendors for products on their site. If you wish to try out something different this summer and wear unique and trendy t-shirts, Daraz can certainly help you make it happen.


Priyoshop.com has an impressive t-shirt collection in store for customers. Among other products, they hold an amazing collection of t-shirts with various fabric types, colors, sizes, and exciting and trendy designs to choose from. You can get competitive prices on the t-shirts.

Priyoshop gives you the flexibility of choosing from modern patterns and designs, export quality brands, and t-shirts made from superior quality material. They have also categorized their t-shirt collection on a few very convenient parameters for online shopping as easy and fun.


Online shopping has become a very convenient activity ever since Bangladesh started normalizing these e-commerce activities. Make the most of it this summer with t-shirt purchases from online shops. Hopefully, our reviews have been sufficiently helpful. Happy summer shopping!