Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The use of solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with more than 10 percent of the electricity generated being solar. Year after year, large-scale solar farms are also increasing and connected to Australia’s electric grid. The Australian government also supports every other solar initiative to support the global effort to achieve net zero emissions.

The government is also aiming to scale up the use of solar energy at both commercial and residential levels to benefit consumers, industries, and workers. Unlike residential usage, the use of commercial solar in Sydney and other parts of Australia is yet to soar.

To create enough awareness, this section talks about the benefits of using solar power in industries.

Reduce power bills

You do not have to buy electricity after your industry is connected with solar energy. Over time, it is possible to reduce 50 percent electricity purchase and reach up to even 100 percent with a battery. You can even become a net exporter of electricity. You can earn additional money from feeding this clean energy into the nation’s grid.

Excellent return on investment

Solar energy can significantly help reduce your industry’s operational costs by saving considerable money on electricity bills. Commercial solar panels have batteries that can store energy when you are closed and keep you with electricity for the next week. Sometimes, your commercial buildings will pay for themselves.

Moreover, adding a solar power plant to your commercial building can increase its value and assure a great return on your investment.

Low maintenance cost

Solar panel systems do not require maintenance as they are designed to withstand all weather conditions. When you invest in quality solar panels, they have a warranty period of 10-25 years. Also, the wear and tear are less as they do not have moving parts.

Anything you should change in a solar panel system will be the inverter every 10 -15 years. Usually, inverters come with a ten years warranty, but if you choose to get from good brands, they can last up to 20 years. When purchasing solar panels, hire a qualified electrician to look for manufacturing defects.

By doing this, you can cover the cost with the warranties themselves by informing the product manufacturer.

Also, relying on a total yearly inspection can help you identify petty issues like water ingression into cabling, etc. There is no need to clean the solar panels as average rain can do the required cleaning. Thus, maintenance cost is significantly less and is a one-time cost for several years.

No more power outrage

The power your industry now gets from the utility power grid can undoubtedly be exposed to blackouts. So, whenever there is a storm, the grid may face some issues your industry can lose power. On the other hand, you will never lose control when there is a blackout when you have a solar power system in your industry. The solar panel will keep on delivering your premise enough power as long as the battery backup operates right.

 Being one of the places where the solar radiation received is high per sq. metre using commercial solar in Sydney will give you a lot of benefits. Apart from those mentioned above, you do not have to worry about the unexpected electricity price rise and function as a responsible business as solar energy is good for the environment.