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4 Affordable Internet Providers4 Affordable Internet Providers

The Internet has advanced since its inception in the late 1990s. With technological advances, it slowly became a part of our everyday lives. Social media came, as well, and there, people learned to make virtual relationships and maintain them. In addition, it became a source of joy and entertainment for many. It became a medium from where you could watch the latest episode of this new television show you enjoy. It can also be a medium where you can play a game you want to.

Come 2020; the world drastically changed because of Covid-19. As a result, employers now invested in remote and hybrid work arrangement setups. Students can now pursue learning online and through hybrid learning arrangements. Now that wifi and Internet connectivity is now a crucial part of learning and work, it is time to learn where you can get great wifi connectivity without spending a bang for your buck.

Piso wifi

What is piso wifi? Piso wifi is a new business model that is booming in the Philippines. With Piso wifi, you need low capital and an accessible location from which you can run your business. Piso wifi is a perfect business for go-getters who do not wish to earn money from 9-5 livelihood opportunities and want to manage their own time, especially for those who have young families.

This wifi model is slowly gaining popularity not just in the Philippines but its neighboring countries such as Taiwan. With Piso wifi, you can pay for 1 hour’s worth of reliable wifi for 1 peso per hour. Thanks to the prevalence of hybrid and online classes as well as work, Piso wifi sees a bright future ahead in the Philippines and remains a viable source of passive income.

Mobile Data

Mobile data is an invisible connection—one that is usually to a satellite or a nearby cell tower—that lets you visit websites and use apps on your cell phone or tablet. With mobile data, you can pay for it prepaid or postpaid. In addition, it is different from wifi.

You can turn on and off your mobile data. The most advanced mobile data ranges from 3G to 5G, with the latter being the most technologically advanced. Although it is convenient to use, mobile data consumes a lot of electricity and battery from your device.

Fibre/Fibre Broadband

Fiber is a type of broadband characterized by its high speed and technological advancement. It uses a network of fiber optic cables so that it can deliver high-speed data over greater distances. The data travels down the cables literally at the speed of light, which results in faster download speeds and more efficient streaming.

For remote workers who heavily use Zoom and video calls as well as streamers, Fibre suits their needs.

Public Wifi Wireless Broadband

Public wifi Wireless Broadband is the kind of connectivity you can access through public areas. In the Philippines, lawmakers and policymakers had advocated for free public wifi to become mandatory. As a result, it was enacted, and the public has reaped benefits from it, such as easier bookings for commuting on the way home and accessing social media in public places.

Wrapping Up

With connectivity becoming a powerful component of everyday life here, there are more available options we can take for better connectivity. It depends on your needs, location as well as budget on what kind of Internet connection you want to enact.

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