Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Instagram has revealed their worth exploring video content hub, Instagram Reels that offers to upload vertical long-form videos. This news breaks the internet, and many people take it as a game-changer for their businesses and still people are looking to get Instagram legit followers.

It is still in its infancy stages, but it has a great effect on the marketing world because of its exciting opportunities. But before using this vertical video hub, you need to know some important things about this new app plus platform. In this post, we will talk about 3 important things you should know about INSTAGRAM REELS before using this long-form video platform.

Post Content:

  • INSTAGRAM REELS is Vertical Videos Only
  • INSTAGRAM REELS is like Video-sharing giant YouTube, Not Netflix
  • Instagram Reels is an Addicting Mobile Experience

INSTAGRAM REELS is Vertical Videos Only

INSTAGRAM REELS is all about vertical videos only. Vertical videos give you feel that anyone can record the video using a mobile phone and there is no need to create a professional video using a DSLR camera. This format naturally encourages you to create ‘raw’ look videos. Moreover, this format is great for all mobile users because it is easy to watch any video vertically on the mobile phone rather than rotate the phone and watch a smaller version of the video.

It gives you a great mobile experience because you can easily watch the full-screen video in portrait mode. On the other hand, it is quite infuriating to watch horizontal videos like YouTube videos on your phones because you need to rotate it to watch a larger version. According to Instagram, the tendency to watch videos on mobile phones will be increased by 68% in 2022.

INSTAGRAM REELS is like Video-sharing giant YouTube, Not Netflix

Instagram Reels let you upload up to one-hour long video but don’t anticipate being watching your much-loved TV series and shows on it. The main objective of INSTAGRAM REELS is to be more like video-sharing giant YouTube, and less like the world’s leading internet entertainment service, Netflix. INSTAGRAM REELS is a platform where you can follow your favorite social influencer and vloggers rather than Hollywood haut monde.

Previously, Instagram took the piece of pie from Snapchat and introduced Instagram stories. Now, Instagram does the same with YouTube and entice the influencers, especially teenage social influencers from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and they were also the part of INSTAGRAM REELS launch.  The best part of INSTAGRAM REELS is that you don’t have to create craft polished content to upload it to Instagram Reels. As far as quality of videos concern, create it one step up from your Instagram stories but if your videos are not curated like your feed post then no worries, it will work.

Instagram Reels is an Addicting Mobile Experience

Instagram Reels gives you a great experience that much like your traditional TV. Even though it does not look like Netflix where you can watch your favorite TV shows. In other words, INSTAGRAM REELS is trying their best to give you an addicting mobile experience you can also Turn Off Likes On Instagram.

It is just like your regular TV where you can watch any show once you turn on the TV and will automatically show start playing. When you open Instagram Reels app, the video will start playing right away and the audience can like and comment on your videos in real time like Instagram Live and Facebook videos.