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Nowadays business cannot be imagined without the usage of programs and applications that can automate some of the work procedures of employees, facilitate their work, speed up projects and save time. Thanks to software applications, you can set up remote work for a team that is working on solving one problem, establish communication in the office between superiors and employees, as well as communication from the office part of the team with a remote group of workers. Programs help organize the workflow, make notes and keep a calendar, so that you don’t lose sight of anything and always remember important meetings, meetings, negotiations.

What features are important to consider?

Software solutions can improve the image of a business, make a brand popular, promote a company or the services of an individual specialist. Each software is aimed at solving a specific problem. Today there are a huge number of them. The life and work of a corporate user with them is greatly simplified.

All programs focused on business can be divided into two main categories – team applications and work solutions. The former help to establish communication between employees, the latter help to optimize the work processes of each of the employees or the whole team. Consider the best of the programs in each category.

Since communication is the most necessary tool for all, it is indispensable without it. That is why programs and applications to which you can connect a whole team of employees to work on one project are simply necessary for every business. Thanks to such web software, it is possible to solve any problem quickly, and most importantly, effectively, because when several people work on a project, they will always find an adequate solution to the problem that has arisen.

If professionals in a company notice that business processes are often repeated or simply the same type, then it makes sense to automate them. The result of automation are factors such as the release of time, labor and financial resources. True, automation is not suitable for everyone and not for all projects – you need to remember this. Implementing automation is a great way to prioritize certain tasks. The latter are then divided into main, supporting, profitable and those that do not affect income, but are considered an integral part in the performance of certain actions.

TOP-3 software solutions for business

It is difficult to single out only three enterprise software, because there are a lot of them. Each is beneficial for the office worker and the businessman. But at the end of 2021-beginning of 2022, the following software solutions were in the top three of the best:

  1. Canva is a free digital graphics and video editor. Not a single marketer, video blogger and designer can do without these functions today. The program is a success in educator and advisory circles. This is a universal solution that suits not only a corporate client, but also a private user. It allows you to work online if you use the web version, in a desktop application through the Windows or Mac operating system, as well as on mobile devices based on iOS or Android. Using the software, you can create original, spectacular, vibrant presentations, come up with banners and advertising products for social networks, manage Instagram using the provided templates and schemes, develop a unique company style and brand logo.
  2. Google Calendar is a convenient and easy to use organizer. It is broken down into days, weeks and months. This allows you to make notes with a specific time when you need to complete them or important events that you should not forget about. This helps to complete work in a timely manner, close projects, not be late and not miss meetings, meetings. In the calendar, you can keep both business and personal affairs. A convenient feature is the offer from the program: it will ask if the user wants to start learning a new language, read a new book, go in for sports, and give many other useful ideas. Work online using the web version or through a mobile application on an Android or iOS device. The software is linked to other programs and services that Google works with. For example, you can get information about a city,
  3. Any.do is a program that has a minimalistic design and format. Great for both corporate and casual users. With this software, everyone will be able to streamline their lives. The functions of the program include a calendar, a digital diary for making tasks for the coming day or a week, a month, and you can also receive reminders. There are voice input tools to save your time, so it’s convenient to take notes while on the move – walking or driving. You can work online through the web version, on a mobile device – Android, Huawei, iOS.

To learn more about software solutions for business and get services in this industry, you can contact Fireart, which has extensive experience in creating and maintaining enterprise software, as well as programs and websites in other areas.

TOP 3 team software solutions for 2022

During the pandemic, many companies completely switched to remote work, and in some offices, some employees were sent to work at home and some were left in the office. This has made corporate command-type programs very popular. Employees and their managers had to look for convenient and effective methods of establishing communication. To save time, quickly join an online conference and be able to organize remote work in a team, special software solutions are used. The following products have proven themselves best:

  1. Microsoft Teams. Designed for collaboration on documents. This is a free program that can be used in conjunction with an Office 365 subscription. For an office worker, this is a good deal, since both Microsoft products are important in business. The messenger supports integration with all products of the American corporation. Skype is used to make video calls or create chats, while this messenger is a kind of add-on. With its help, you can quickly organize work chats and connect with the right contact.
  2. P7-Team. It is a multitasking software product with which both text and video communication becomes easier and more comfortable. A distinctive feature is a simple and intuitive interface. If we talk about the capabilities of the software, then it is worth noting the setting of messages and chats, support for technology for creating video conferences, urgent connection of an employee in a group, recording video conferences, making a call to any number, transferring files, there is compatibility with mobile devices.
  3. Twist. A messenger for intercorporate use that allows you to discuss tasks online and resolve issues as a team. Of the pluses, it is worth noting the function of quickly creating chats, the ability to divide into channels, discuss tasks, the presence of file storage, and in the paid version there is also access to the message history. Thanks to the program, you can significantly minimize work processes and move on to performing the main tasks.

As it has already become clear, communication is very important in business – between the company and the client, between the customer and the contractor, between the whole team working on the same project. To find out more, check here for a specialist company with experience in software and web product development.


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