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3 Essential Things To Bring On Your Next Trip3 Essential Things To Bring On Your Next Trip

When summer comes, all the people can think about their well-deserved rest somewhere by the sea or around beautiful nature. Planning the trip is an essential part of every journey. Thinking about what to take on the trip simplifies the preparation process and eliminates the chances of forgetting something important. It also warms your anticipation about the next vacation, which gives positive emotions. Packing for the upcoming trip is probably one of the most unpleasant things since it requires concentration and may be stressful. However, it is necessary for a pleasant and comfortable trip. So approaching it seriously will spare you a lot of trouble. Pack for the trip easily keeping in mind these simple tips.

Before diving into the list of essentials for the trip, let’s figure out the things one doesn’t need there, and it is almost always a laptop. People travel to see the world and recharge, so having work or studies so close to you undermines the quality of the relaxation. Thus, the first thing to do is submit all the homework one has. If the trip’s deadline is tight, you can always buy an essay online to have more time for packing and planning. In this case, it will not distract you from the experiences on the trip.

Making a list: planning

Every individual has golden rules on things to bring, but there are essentials that concern every traveler. Think about the things you cannot go without and put them on the list so as not to forget anything. You can either make a traditional paper list in your notebook or take any digital solution available today. Some people prefer writing, and some go for digital note managers or tables. Plus, a digital list is nearly impossible to lose, and it is even possible to add scheduled notifications or reminders to some essential points to manage.

Handwritten lists also help since it is always pleasant to tick all the completed points, mark the collected pluses, and cross out the unnecessary. Take some time and effort to make the list as detailed as possible. Then, you can gamify your preparation list by ticking or crossing out points one by one. It will allow you to track the progress of your preparation. Here are options to group items in your list.

#1 Documents

This is the most important part of the planning, as you can buy virtually anything on the spot, except for your documents.

  • Passport.
  • Your ISIC card, if you have one.
  • Medical insurance for traveling abroad.
  • It is best to have a printed copy of your boarding pass and a check-in.
  • If you travel by car, take your driving license and ensure you can use it in the destination country. (Read “Do you need a car in Hawaii?“)
  • Just in case, it is also a good idea to print your hotel reservation or its validation.
  • A brief document with the essential information you may need. Usually, it contains your destination addresses and important phone numbers.
  • Money on credit cards and some cash to change or use just in case. Do not take much money in cash, as it will be more secure on a credit card.

#2 Hygiene essentials

Here, it’s crucial to pack as much as you can carry. Avoid taking too large packages of cosmetics. They will overload your luggage and can even leak while inside it. It will cause a lot of mess. Go for the travel-sized ones to carry less. Not taking many hygiene products is also a good solution since one can easily buy them on the spot. Do not forget the following:

  • Dental hygiene items.
  • Razor and shaving products.
  • Hair comb.
  • Wet wipes and disposable napkins. They are essential on the go.
  • Shampoo, shower gel. Give preference to 2-in1 products that go in a single package. If you are staying in a hotel, you will find them there. Taking all the products for a complicated hair care routine may be tempting, but it will bring more trouble than joy.
  • Deodorant.
  • Manicure accessories (nail file, scissors). They also can be handy in unexpected situations.
  • Travel-size makeup kit. There is no need to take all the variety of makeup cosmetics you have. Stick to the basics here.
  • Creams that you use in small amounts. Most importantly, if you travel in summer, taking sunscreen is the biggest must.

#3 Clothing

When planning a trip, aim for comfort and convenience in the first place. Construct your clothing set so that the items are easy to combine. Do not forget about such vacation essentials as a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Wear comfortable clothes, and avoid high heels, evening garments, and jewelry. Leave room in your suitcase for shopping. Here are essentials for comfortable clothing on your vacation.

  • Enough items of underwear.
  • A headpiece for the season.
  • Outdoor shoes and indoor slippers. It is best to take a pair of sneakers that can easily fit the rest of your clothes. They will ensure you can explore new places comfortably, as traveling means walking a lot.
  • Swimsuit for a beach holiday, swimming pool, or sauna

How to pack smartly

When you have decided on the contents of your suitcase, you can start packing. Split your things into two categories: the things you will carry with you (hand luggage) and what you will check in your luggage.

The things that must go into the carry-on luggage are money, documents, and equipment, such as phones, a camera, a book, essential medicine, personal hygiene products, a notebook, and a pen. If you are traveling by plane, your carry-on must not contain any sharp objects.

Have a system in your packing

Make sure to pack liquids into bags to avoid leakage. Pack small items into special pockets in the suitcase. It is possible to fit more items in the suitcase by rolling them instead of just folding them. The things that go into the bottom of the bag are those you will need last, namely when you check in to your hotel. If you are into shopping, leave some space in your suitcase for it.

Some things you take with you will not be necessary but must be at hand anyway. Usually, those are stuff like keys and a phone. Ensure you always have easy access to them. If you know the road will take long and your suitcase can be damaged, consider wrapping it with film or putting a case on it.


Finally, when you start your trip well-prepared, it will bring less stress and distractions on your way to the destination. The more you travel, the easier it is to plan and pack your stuff. If you have doubts or fear forgetting something, practice such preparation with lists first.

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