Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
3 Best Fall Outdoor Dinner Ideas

When it comes to enjoying an outdoor dinner, fall is one of the best seasons to do so. You don’t have to deal with the sweltering sun’s rays of summer, and you’ve got just enough time before the chilly winds of winter start whipping around you. As such, fall is a wonderful time to invite company over, and enjoy a delicious meal together as you watch the sunset fade and the leaves change. In order to throw the perfect fall outdoor dinner party, you’ll want to consider your backyard set up, what kind of gathering you’re throwing, and the type of foods that you want to serve. Read on for a list of tips and tricks on how to throw the best outdoor dinner parties this fall. 

1. Prepare Your Backyard Space for Entertaining

The first step to planning a great outdoor fall dinner party is preparing your backyard space to make sure that it’s ready for entertaining. Some outdoor dining decor essentials include: 

A Magnet Door Screen

When entertaining in the backyard, you’re bound to have to deal with insects, as well as outdoor pollen and dust. While a citronella candle and some allergy medicine can keep irritation from outdoor pests and allergens away while you dine outdoors, there’s a good chance that they might make their way inside while you’re bringing out your entrees and side dishes. In order to keep them out, you’ll want to invest in a protective magnet door screen

A magnet door screen can be easily adhered to the existing frame of your backyard door, and is composed of large mesh panels that cover the span of the door frame. The mesh of a magnet door screen helps to keep bugs, dust, and pollen out, while allowing you to enter and exit your home into your backyard with ease. Magnet door screens don’t require any tricky locking mechanisms either: instead, the mesh panels of the magnet door screen lock together via strips of magnets, and can be simply pushed open when you need to go in and out, which makes it perfect for when you’re carrying heavy plates and servingware. 

Outdoor Dining Furniture

In order to comfortably enjoy your outdoor fall dinners, you’ll want to have a nice set of outdoor dining furniture. If you’re looking to host more formal outdoor affairs, you might want to get an outdoor dining table with a set of matching chairs. Or, if you’re more inclined to host casual barbecues where you and your guests will serve yourselves buffet style, you can get a set of plush patio chairs and side tables that make it easy to mingle. 

A Good Grill

There’s nothing quite like a backyard grill night! To enjoy delicious grilled meats and veggies this fall season, invest in a grill that you can fire up whenever you want. If you’re limited on space in your backyard, you could get a single charcoal burner grill. Or, if you’ve got a lot of room to work with, you could opt for a larger grill with multiple burners. A grill is a great investment for your outdoor dinner parties, and can be used year round. 

2. Consider the Type of Gathering That You’re Throwing

It’s important to consider the type of fall outdoor gathering that you’re throwing so you can plan your menu accordingly. For instance, if you’re looking to throw a sunset dinner party with a few of your close friends, you could probably get by with minimal decor and using your own dishware. However, if you want to throw a large outdoor Halloween bash for extended family and friends, you’ll need to think about getting additional dishware, glassware, and seating – not to mention, some super fun fall decor! By taking the time to think about what supplies you’ll need for whatever outdoor dinner that you’re throwing, you’ll ensure that it will go off without a hitch. 

3. Now It’s Time to Plan a Menu!

Once you’ve gotten your backyard dining space properly furnished and have decided upon the kind of dinner you’re throwing, it’s time to plan a perfect menu. Take advantage of the many produce items that are in season during the fall, like pumpkins, squash, apples, brussel sprouts, pears, and sweet potatoes to cultivate deliciously seasonal dinner entrees, sides and desserts. For instance, you could serve a chicken and apple dish as your main course, mashed sweet potatoes for your side, and a yummy pumpkin pie for dessert. For drinks, serve a sparkling apple spritz cocktail, or regular apple cider for the little ones. 

In Conclusion

Fall is a wonderful time to take advantage of your backyard space and host an outdoor dinner party. In order to throw an enjoyable autumnal soiree, you’ll want to make sure your backyard is prepped to entertain, that you’ve settled on an event theme, and have planned the perfect menu around it. What are your favorite fall dinner dishes to cook and share with loved ones?