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The site made by Ukraine means to subvert the spirit and backing for the conflict in Russia, where authorities and state media have ceased from revealing subtleties of setbacks
In the midst of Russia’s refusal to acknowledge misfortunes caused in its intrusion of Ukraine, Kyiv has sent off another site to assist Russian families with finding officers who have been killed or caught battling in Moscow’s attack of the favorable to Western country.

News organization AFP covered Sunday that the site – – contains photos of the reports and assemblages of Russian officers Ukraine said had been killed since President Vladimir Putin sent off the assault.

This is what you are familiar the site:

200rf made sense of

The site was created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The name of the site references the notable term Gruz-200 (Cargo-200) that was utilized by the Soviet military for carcasses being flown back from the conflict in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

The English interpretation of the portrayal of site peruses: “This site was made by agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On it, you will track down data about caught and killed Russian fighters in Ukraine since the start of the occupation. Here we will expeditiously post photographs and recordings that we get from the combat zone. In the event that your family members or companions are in Ukraine and take part in the conflict against our kin – here you can get data about their destiny. Tragically, it is hard to recognize a great deal of those killed. We intentionally post these photographs and recordings, you might remember somebody by circuitous signs.”

“I realize that numerous Russians are stressed over how and where their kids, children, spouses are and what is befalling them – so we chose to put this online so every one of you could look for your adored one who Putin shipped off battle in Ukraine,” he was cited as saying in an AFP report.

The drive likewise seems to target subverting spirit and backing for the conflict in Russia, where authorities and State media have ceased from revealing subtleties of Russian setbacks and military attacks against Ukrainian urban communities, including the capital, Kyiv.

Notwithstanding the site, Ukraine has likewise sent off a hotline for families, family members, and companions of Russian warriors who have been caught by the Ukrainian soldiers.

Anton Herashchenko, guide to the Ukraine pastor of inside issues, brought up that the hotline will illuminate Russian families whether their child, sibling, father are as yet alive, taken prisoner, or then again assuming they have been harmed.

The families can then choose when and how to get/move the body to their home in the Russian Federation.

Need for the site

The site comes when Moscow has wouldn’t uncover insights concerning misfortunes endured by its powers in the assaults.

On 27 February, the Ukrainian military said that Russia had lost around 4,300 military work force.

Russia has not answered dircetly to this case. Notwithstanding, on Sunday, the Russian armed force conceded that their officers had been ‘killed and harmed’ and marked Ukrainian fighters as “Nazis”.

“Russian servicemen are showing mental fortitude and bravery while satisfying battle undertakings in the extraordinary military activity. Tragically, there are killed and harmed among our friends… The misfortunes of the Russian Armed Forces are ordinarily not exactly the quantity of servicemen of the Ukrainian military,” State news organization TASS refered to Moscow’s military representative Igor Konashenkov as saying.

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