Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Full cheekbones, a rounded jaw, and being equal in breadth and height are all characteristics of men with round faces. Finding flattering styles and haircuts might be difficult as a result. You should avoid certain style features if you have a round face while embracing others. The trick is to build volume without adding bulk. Adding volume to your face will give it more dimension and angles to work with. To make your next trip to the barbershop a success, we have gathered a list of mens hairstyles for round face.

Side Parting

For boys with round faces, the side part is probably one of the most adaptable haircuts. It has a classic design that goes with practically every clothing and personal taste. This is one of the most versatile and adjustable ms hairstyle round face haircuts, thanks to its sleek, manly flair. Its height and length create the ideal balancing effect, helping to give the appearance of a longer face while yet allowing your unique facial characteristics to shine through. Add an angular fringe to a short haircut to soften the look of a round face.

Jagged Spikes

Try adding some spikes to your hair if you want an edgy technique to create volume but do not like the fake hawk style. It is an eye-catching look, but it is not for everyone. Thick spikes are a terrific technique to modify the profile of your face. This is due to the fact that towering spikes (over an inch tall) will aid to define your face’s roundness. You will need a longer haircut if you want more dramatic, prominent spikes. Choose a shorter cut if you want more inconspicuous spikes. Many hairstyles can be spiked successfully, so you may start with a side part and then spike it. Simply have your barber cut your hair on the sides to emphasize the height of your hair even more.

Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical style

Asymmetrical hairstyles provide texture and depth to your hair while also establishing a visual focal point. There are many different asymmetrical hairstyles for men long hair and cuts to pick from. The concept of asymmetry must be applied to the above-mentioned side part. You can reduce the roundness of your face by splitting your hair an inch or two off-centre (to each side). This is further aided by the short sides. 

Slick Back

The slick-back shape of the pompadour makes it one of the most popular hairstyles for men with round faces. Tall pompadours are especially good because they give your hair a lot of volumes. Shorter pompadours are also appropriate if you have haircut constraints (for example, at work) or simply prefer a shorter look.

Vertical Haircut

The vertical haircut, one of the more daring hairstyles, is a proven method to get a lot of volumes. To achieve this appearance, you will need a significant amount of high-quality pomade or wax, but it is well worth it if the look is what you want. You may apply the vertical style with a number of haircuts as well. Experiment and find what works for you

Faux Hawk

If you prefer more daring hairstyles, the faux hawk is a good option. This will add volume to your face and angles to your face. The faux hawk, like the pompadour, can be either more extreme or more conservative, according to your preferences. The sides and back should be shorter, but you can decide on the precise length. The more hair on the back and sides is cut short, the more the fake hawk will appear.

Angular Fringe

If you want your fringe to be the focal point of your hair, an angular fringe is a way to go. The angles will provide dimension to your face while also detracting from its roundness. Add an angular fringe to a short haircut to soften the look of a round face.

Side Swept bangs

To offer a third option, this style combines features of the side part and angular fringe hairstyles. Your face will be asymmetrical, and the side-swept bangs will give you a versatile style. You should have some length variety in your bangs, and you can even go for a choppy fringe if you enjoy the style. The most crucial thing is to have bangs that can be swept to one side.


The humble quiff is an excellent technique to add height to your face without overdoing it. The impact is enhanced by a simple buzz on the sides.


One of the most appealing aspects of an undercut is that it can be worn with almost any face shape, round or square. For an extra kick, buzz or taper the sides as described above.

Longer Caesar

The Caesar cut has literally been tried and tested for millennia. The tousled locks give this ultra-simple style its attractive looks, and it looks great on round faces.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is cool and easy to maintain. Wear it with or without facial hair for a low-maintenance, attractive look for your face shape.

By Syler