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Hollywood Actresses

What do you get when you take one part famous actress, add a pinch of Instagram, and then shake it up? That’s right: a whole lot of beautiful and interesting feeds to follow. 

Our list includes celebrities who are both rising stars and old pros at the game (hey there, Leighton Meester!). Some are funny; some are serious. Some are growing their following organically with real content, while others are using sites to buy Instagram followers to speed up the process and make them look more famous than they actually are.

But each will make your feed that much better for following—and for feeling like you’re hanging out with them on the red carpet.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is an American actress and model. She has appeared in films such as Pineapple Express, The Informers, Zombieland, and The Danish Girl. In 2017 she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for her role as Mera in Aquaman.

Amber was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress but lost to Olivia Colman who received her first nomination in the same category.

Amber has been very vocal about speaking up against injustice towards women throughout her career and even went on to join Time’s Up movement which aims at fighting sexual harassment in Hollywood among other industries worldwide.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is another young actress, singer and songwriter who has earned praise for her work on the big screen in films like Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air. She also co-wrote a Tony Award-winning musical adaptation of A Cinderella Story (that was later made into a movie).

She’s not just talented on screen; Kendrick is also known for her work behind it. She produced The Last Five Years with Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King) in 2014 and produced The Year Of Spectacular Men with Scott Neustadter (500 Days Of Summer) in 2018. She also served as executive producer on Growing Up Smith which stars Jaden Smith as himself while exploring racial identity issues through his own experiences growing up biracial–his mother being white while his father is black–and living between two worlds: Los Angeles where he lived with mom Jada Pinkett Smith; New Jersey where he spent summers visiting dad Will Smith at Princeton University where both parents attended college together before getting married!

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza is an American actress, comedian and model. She is best known for her role as April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Aubrey Plaza was born on June 26, 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware. She attended Maury High School where she participated in drama classes along with playing violin in their orchestra. After graduating from high school she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an actress. In 2009 she made her acting debut appearing alongside Michael Cera in Funny People directed by Judd Apatow where they played siblings who meet up at a funeral while waiting for their father’s eulogy; this movie also starred Adam Sandler who played himself as well as Seth Rogen & Leslie Mann (who play themselves). The same year Aubrey appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which starred Michael Cera again along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ellen Wong where she plays one half of a love triangle between two best friends; this film became very popular among critics but didn’t do well commercially at first due mainly because no one knew about it until after it had been released onto DVD sales started going up which led Universal Pictures International Distribution Division president David Kosse saying “We think there could be real potential here so we’re going ahead with our plans” before announcing plans for sequels which were eventually scrapped due lack funds needed production costs but fans still hope someday they’ll be made anyway despite this setback though not everyone agrees.”

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is an actress, singer, dancer and model. She has a large social media following and has been in many TV shows and movies including “Shake It Up” (2010-2013), “Freak Show” (2015), “Scream Queens” (2015) and more.

Bella has over 15 million followers on Instagram where she posts photos of herself on set or with friends hanging out at the beach. You can follow her here: https://www.instagram/bellathorne/.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz is an American actress, model and singer. She began her career as a child actress in several films including The Amityville Horror (2005), Kick-Ass (2010) and Let Me In (2010). Her performance as Hit Girl in 2010’s Kick-Ass earned her nominations for various accolades including the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. Following roles in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (2011) and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (2012) made Moretz one of the highest-paid actresses under 20 years old.[1][2]

In 2013 she starred in Jeff Wadlow’s action comedy film Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall,[3] followed by Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller Interstellar[4] alongside Matthew McConaughey and Michael Caine; both films were released internationally on 5 November 2014 by Paramount Pictures.[5][6][7] On 17 April 2015, Moretz released her debut single “Boom Boom Pow” featuring rapper 2 Chainz which peaked at number two on Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart.[8]

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is an actress, model and singer. She is known for her role in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series.

Johnson has a net worth of $8 million.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is a multi-talented actress and musician. She was born in 1996 in Tarzana, California and has appeared in many movies including True Grit, Ender’s Game, and The Edge of Seventeen.

She began her acting career at the age of 10 when she starred as Mattie Ross in the 2010 film True Grit alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. In 2015 she won an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss with Co-Star Sasha Lane (who also appears on this list!) while they were filming The Edge Of Seventeen together!

Leighton Meester

If you’re not already a fan of Gossip Girl and Leighton Meester’s character Blair Waldorf, it may be time to catch up on what you’ve been missing. Meester is a successful actress who has starred in several major roles over the years. She also has a fashion blog where she shares her personal style with her fans–and they love it!

Meester designs jewelry under her own label called The Leighton Collection; she has also designed handbags for Coach and shoes for Steve Madden shoes. She also launched an online boutique called Shop Bop where shoppers can purchase items from The Leighton Collection as well as other brands like DKNY Jeans and Vince Camuto Shoes (which are both owned by Macy’s).

Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley is an actress who has starred in several films and TV shows, including _The Leftovers_ and _The Nice Guys_. Her Instagram account has over 2 million followers, and she posts a lot of photos of her family and friends. She also frequently posts selfies!

These actresses are all celebrities in their own right.

There are a few things that these young Hollywood actresses have in common. They’re all celebrities in their own right, and they’re all using Instagram to share their lives with us.

Some of these actresses are more famous than others — some of them you’ve heard of, while others may be new to you. But it’s not just about fame; there are also other factors at play here: how active each actress is on social media (do they post frequently? Do they post often enough), how popular their posts are among followers and fans (how many likes do the photos get?), and even what kinds of content they tend to share (is it just selfies? Or do we see some behind-the-scenes shots as well?).


These actresses are all celebrities in their own right. They have millions of followers and fans who love them for their talent, beauty and style. They’re also great examples of how to use Instagram as a tool for self-expression and self-promotion. We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 Young Hollywood Actresses to Follow on Instagram!