Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Whenever we expect a child or become a new parent, we always turn towards wisdom from people who have already been a parent. Support groups and certain popular websites with authentic information have been gaining popularity over the last few years. But despite having all relevant information on the web and a million support groups, we tend to look towards our parents whenever we need parenting advice. And if you ask any older generation parents who are grandparents today or are expecting a grandchild, they would advise using cloth on the baby’s bum over a disposable diaper.

With the wisdom of generations that our parents and elders have, they know that cloth is always better than plastic, and zero toxins are always better for a baby than something full of harmful chemicals. So, if you have already started using disposable diapers, do not worry. In this article, we will give you TEN reasons to begin browsing for cloth diapers online and place the first order of your very own stash of cloth diapers online!

Here we go!

  1. With the arrival of a new baby also comes a significant amount of one-time and recurring expenses, from vaccinations to clothes that keep getting shorter every few weeks, from all the personal care stuff to the furniture and furnishing you need for the new baby. While most of these expenses are inevitable, there are specific departments of baby care where you can save a significant amount of money! Diapering is one such department. Using cloth diapers means you do not have to keep stocking disposable diapers. Buy one stash of cloth diapers online, and you do not have to worry for the next three years to buy even a single more diaper.
  2.  Clothes on your baby’s bum would any day be more comfortable than tight cheap plastic. In addition, cloth diapers ensure that the skin can breathe and thus is rash-free.
  3. Any parent who has used disposable and cloth diapers on the same baby or different babies vouch for the suitability of cloth diapers on a baby’s sensitive skin. If the fitting is proper, and the diaper is washed correctly and changed timely, there is no reason why your baby would ever experience a nasty and painful diaper rash ever.
  4. Because disposable diapers are mass-produced and are supposed to be used only once, the quality of elastic used is cheap and not very skin-friendly. Therefore, when you use a disposable diaper, you will notice red marks due to the elastic digging into your baby’s skin. On the contrary, because cloth diapers last for years and can be washed up to 300 times, the superior quality elastic lasts longer and is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.
  5. You can buy cloth diapers online from the convenience of your home. You do not have to keep running to the pharmacy or departmental store weekly or monthly to buy a pack of diapers if you get your stash of cloth diapers online.
  6. Each disposable diaper that one ends up using ultimately ends up in the landfills. It takes a disposable diaper anywhere between 400 to 500 years to completely decompose. And disposable diapers were not even invented 400 years back. So even the first disposable diaper is somewhere in a landfill waiting to be decomposed. This pollutes the environment. On the other hand, a cloth diaper is sustainable, reusable and eco-friendly.
  7. Disposable diapers are extra absorbent due to the chemicals used in them. You might assume that this is a good quality of a diaper. But when you start thinking about potty-training your child, this becomes the most significant issue. If the child doesn’t feel the mess or moisture, they would not ask for a change or start telling in advance if they want to pee or poop. Different kinds of cloth diapers, such as padded underwear by SuperBottoms, help make potty training easier for the parents and the baby. Padded underwear, one type of cloth diaper, is the best choice for potty training as it avoids the mess and pee puddle like regular underwear but helps your baby identify the feeling after and thus the cues before peeing or pooping. While looking for cloth diapers online, make sure you read up on and buy a stash of padded underwear too. 
  8. Cloth diapers online are available in such unique and cute prints that make your baby’s cute bum look even more adorable. You can match the pretty prints of the cloth diapers with different jhablas, t-shirts, dresses, tops and other matching accessories too! From florals to quirky, animals to transports, you will find cloth diapers online in a variety of prints to choose from.
  9. Cloth diapers make for the most thoughtful, sustainable, mindful and adorable gift. And most parents do not mind receiving passed-down cloth diapers as against buying an entire stash of cloth diapers online. This also gave them a chance to experience for themselves the comfort and cost saving that comes with life as a cloth diapering parent. A bleach wash, drying in proper sunlight and viola, the cloth diapers are as good as new to gift to a new family member.
  10. We have kept the best part for the last! Wink wink! With life as a cloth diapering parent comes the membership of a cult! Cloth diapering parents love to discuss the journey, learn from each other and flaunt their stash. Thus, there are many tribes and groups on different social media where cloth diapering parents are members. Jokes apart, these groups are beneficial in discussing and learning tips related to cloth diapering, helping each other find the best fit, connecting with other parents with the same sustainable and conscious mindset and ever discussing other parenting issues and learning from each other.

If you have already started the journey of diapering but are stuck using disposable diapers just because of the fear of the unknown and the thought that cloth diapering might be not so easy, well, we hope all the above reasons gave you that extra little nudge and push that you might have needed! Happy Cloth Diapering!