Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Hello everyone! A healthy lifestyle in our difficult times is more relevant than ever. If a few decades ago, people who followed the principles of healthy lifestyle, many laughed, came up with not very smart jokes such as “who does not smoke Kush marijuana and does not drink, he will die healthy”, today more and more people are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The following are the basic principles of healthy lifestyle, following which you can permanently maintain youth and health:

1. Charging: Morning exercise is one of the main principles of healthy lifestyle. You need to do it every day, choosing exercises with an emphasis on mobility, flexibility, proper breathing.

2. Refusal of bad habits: If you smoke, abuse alcohol, then no classes and training will especially help you. Therefore, before you start living on the principles of healthy lifestyle, you need to abandon bad habits.

3. Hardening: This is a great way to improve your health and strengthen the body’s immune defenses. It is necessary to harden constantly, gradually increasing the procedure time.

4. Proper nutrition: This is the key to the health of any person. To eat properly, you need to follow three basic principles:

· Fractional nutrition – you need to eat often (5-6 times a day), but in small portions;

· Food intake should occur at about the same time;

· The last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime.

5. Healthy sleep: To maintain vigor and health, an adult should sleep at least eight hours a day.

6. Compliance with personal hygiene: This item is especially relevant at the beginning of this year in connection with all the known events related to the development of the global pandemic.

7. Self-development: It is very important not to let your brain be lazy. It is necessary to constantly set new ambitious tasks for him (to learn foreign languages, read, train his memory, and so on). This will help you keep a clear mind and a solid memory until you are very old.

8. Regular physical activity: The most important principle of healthy lifestyle. We all know the phrase “movement is life” and this is true. Adequate physical activity accelerates blood flow through the body, normalizes metabolic processes, helps get rid of extra pounds and prevents the development of stagnant phenomena in the body.

9. Psychological health: You cannot drink, do not smoke, play sports and follow other principles of healthy lifestyle, but if your body is constantly in a state of stress, then all this will be ineffective. Negative thoughts and severe stress can trigger the development of psychosomatic diseases and emotional deviations, which will inevitably affect physical health. Therefore, try to be less nervous and maintain a balance of the three main areas of life – family, personal growth, work.

10. Lack of excess weight: Today, everyone already knows that obesity is not a bad habit, but a disease that can trigger the development of such serious pathologies as diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart and musculoskeletal diseases, gastrointestinal tract pathology and so on. Therefore, if you have extra pounds, be sure to go to a nutritionist who will develop an individual diet for you taking into account the characteristics of your body and help to properly get rid of excess weight.

Health to you!

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