Mistakes in the selection and procurement of materials lead to additional costs and prolong the repair time. They counted incorrectly, forgot, overlooked, confused- all this turns into paying for a new delivery or even reworking already completed work. Bathroom showroom near me New Bathroom Style recommended how you can avoid this?

Making a shopping list

Imagine: you are preparing for a big holiday and making a list of groceries. Without it, it is easy to forget something or, conversely, to gain too much and throw away a lot of money in vain. You start not by listing all the products you know but by drawing up the menu: what appetizers, what hot and desserts will be, how many guests, whether you need more appliances.

With repairs, it is precisely the same. It would help if you started not with specific materials but with planning your apartment. What style and color scheme do you want? What zones will you equip, and what kind of furniture do you need? Where will there be large wardrobes, beds, and sofa, workplaces? Already for the required functionality, the number of cables, sockets, lamps are calculated, materials are selected that are also used in zoning.

That is why any, even the most budgetary repair, begins with measuring the apartment and developing a design project. Without understanding what result the customer wants to get, it is impossible to determine what works and materials will be used and how much it will cost.

It’s not just a pretty interior picture that you can easily find on Pinterest. The design project visualized the wishes of the customer, selected specific materials and furniture with articles, a set of drawings with plans for electrical, plumbing, tile layout, flooring. This is a detailed map of the repair, which allows you to estimate its cost and the exact completion date even before the start of work.

Checking availability in stores

Be sure to check the relevant list of materials that the designer suggested or that you have compiled yourself. Check the websites to see if any models have been discontinued and the quantity you need or leftovers. If there are items that are out of date, find an alternative.

If you don’t prepare in advance, you run the risk of facing a problem. The search for the right brand of modern bathroom vanities or replacements threatens to drag on for a period from several days to a week. During this time, your repair will stop until you find the best place to buy bathroom vanity. Or you will have to be in a hurry to look for other options and then put up with a rash choice.

In addition, replacing one element is fraught with alteration of the rest. Imagine: the tiles you wanted, only a few packs left. This model is no longer produced. You are offered tiles, but they are of a completely different color. Floor tiles and grout are not suitable for it, and also an already ordered countertop under the sink. So-so alternative, agree?

Calculate the amount correctly

You will need accurate measurements of the apartment: the length of all walls and the ceiling height. Each manufacturer indicates a standard for material consumption on the packaging: 18-20 lbs of plaster mixture per 10 sq feet. It must be multiplied by the area of coverage – walls, floor. If you hire a crew or a repair company, they are required to provide you with a detailed estimate with exact quantities of materials. You need to check these calculations.

Be sure to order materials with a stock. This is especially important for finishing materials: wallpaper, tiles, laminate, paint. Suppose if a tile breaks in the process, you have something to replace it with. But with a shortage of material, difficulties arise: the product you require may not remain in stock.

Don’t worry about the leftovers. If you have unopened packages, it is easy to return them to the store within two weeks. But make sure you keep your receipt.

How many times do I have to accept delivery?

Of course, I want to save money and buy all the materials at once included 48 inch double sink vanity. But this is the wrong move: you will have nowhere to store them. It will not work to put everything in the apartment: in this case, it will not be possible to work in it. Rent a warehouse? This is a popular option even for large three- or four-room apartments, but dragging and dropping materials from place to place will take hours a day. And builders are unlikely to agree to work as loaders for free.

Competent delivery is tied to the repair schedule. If you buy materials yourself, ask the builders for such a schedule, which will indicate the start and end dates of a particular type of work: electrician, plumbing, plastering, tile laying, etc. Also, be sure to check the list of necessary goods for each stage. These are materials and consumables – for example, a film for covering windows, spatulas, rollers, masking tapes, etc.

The estimate should be broken down by type of work and should be very clear. For example, we give the customer separate estimates for rough and finishing materials. The forecast is divided into blocks: electrical, plumbing, walls, floor, ceiling, doors. If everything is piled up, it is easy for the customer to get confused and miss mistakes – this is a technique that unscrupulous performers like to use.

It is better to order materials before two or three days’ bathroom showroom near me to receive them at the beginning of work or the day before. You will need to take delivery for a comprehensive overhaul once or twice a week.

How to unpack the product correctly?

If you purchase materials yourself from a store, look at the production batch. Choose fabrics from the same collection. Otherwise, they may have shades, which is especially evident on wallpaper, tiles, laminate.

If you order delivery, it is better to choose the option with a rise to the door. So you will check everything in a calm atmosphere in the presence of a courier. Do not sign the receipt until you are sure that the goods are intact. It will be difficult to prove after the fact that you have received a defective product. Another way is to film the entire unpacking process with your phone.

Trust the procurement of materials to workers?

At the very least, you need to ask the masters what rough materials they use and which they consider being the best. A professional has worked with different brands, knows the best ones, but the customer hardly had such experience.

The purchase of materials is a complex and responsible process. To organize it optimally requires not only precision but also time. When it comes to hiring informal workers, there is a risk that your money will be spent on the wrong goods. Therefore, it is better to organize the purchase yourself.

Suppose you conclude a contract with an officially working team with a foreman. In that case, it is quite possible to entrust them with the procurement, at least – the supply of rough materials. Be sure to clarify whether the builders will take an additional fee for this and discuss the conditions. Discuss the process of approving orders or changes to orders and providing reports and receipts.

If you hire a company to organize repairs, you do not have to waste time on procurement and acceptance. There will be a project manager who will oversee this. There is no additional fee – after all, you are initially offered everything in the complex.

If the company guarantees terms and quality under the contract, it makes sense to entrust it with the procurement. In this case, delivery delays or defective goods are not your problems. Experts themselves must settle everything and compensate for unnecessary expenses if they do not see a faulty batch.

Whether the product is purchased in a store or a delivery is ordered, specialists will open each box and check whether the color, pattern, and brand are inside, whether there is any damage. The customer does not participate in the purchase, delivery, and acceptance – this is convenient for the customer, and the repair process is not interrupted. This means that the repair will be done with high quality and will be completed on time.