If you enjoy wearing a hairpiece, then it is essential to discuss it with your partner so they can understand your feelings and ultimately accept your choice. People suffering from male pattern baldness or alopecia often suffer from depression and a lack of confidence and self-esteem. By wearing a toupee, you can regain this confidence and feel beautiful or handsome again. Your partner must realize that the hairpiece you wear is essential to you because it helps you feel young and attractive. This is the primary reason you need to reveal that you’re wearing a toupee with your partner.

Common Hair System Questions That I Get From Strangers

  1. It should not come as a surprise to your partner

Toupees are often considered the best non surgical hair replacement option. But they can still be a shock to many people, even if they are getting mainstream attention now. And if you haven’t told your partner you’re wearing one and they find out in a way you don’t want, they might consider it an act of deception or worse, see it as a deal breaker. However, if you are serious about your relationship, then it is not something that you want to hide from your partner. Instead, find the right time to share and explain to your partner that it is something that you personally need.

  1. Explain the aesthetic appeal of toupees

There is a stigma associated with the wearing of toupees. But contrary to popular opinion, toupees are just like eyelash extensions. Toupees are worn to make a person look attractive and younger. You must explain to your partner that hair pieces for men are just like any other ornament which adds to the aesthetic appeal of a person. Your partner surely does not want to enter a restaurant or walk into a party with a partner who looks way older than them since you suffer from alopecia or male pattern baldness. You need to explain this to your partner to make them appreciate your desire to look attractive by wearing toupees.

  1. Toupees are like hair extensions or wigs

If your partner loves to wear hair extensions or has a celebrity they like that wears them, you need to tell them that toupees are virtually the same thing. Toupees enhance your appearance, and as it blends with your existing hair, no one will be able to distinguish that you are wearing a toupee if fitted properly.


If you see yourself having a successful and meaningful relationship with your partner, it is essential to be honest with them. This should also be a reason for discussing that you enjoy wearing toupees with your partner. If you are honest with your partner, your relationship will be fruitful and a happy one.


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