Hello! Perusers, we trust all of you are progressing admirably. A considerable lot of the YouTubers face a few issues and report that video progress in YouTube is showing yellow at this point. Assume your inquiry on Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow landed you here, at that point we should say you are in the correct spot; kindly stay tuned with us for complete data.

YouTube is an online video real time stage that is very well known around the world, remembering for the United States.

About YouTube

As said above, it is the greatest video web based stage renowned around the world; it has a huge number of recordings for practically all subjects of individual interest. For some, YouTube is the kind of revenue, and for some understudies, it is useful for contemplates.

In the event that you are additionally a YouTube darling and follow your number one You Tuber, if it’s not too much trouble, continue to peruse this article for applicable data.

Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow?

Indeed, even a little change in YouTube influences numerous YouTubers around the world; this is similar at the present time; from the most recent couple of days, a slight change in YouTube has happened where the advancement bar in video playing shows up in yellow is not, at this point red in shading like previously.

Individuals of the United States need to know the justification it and furthermore need to realize how individuals respond to something very similar; kindly allude to the further segments.

Justification a Yellow Bar in the YouTube

Typically, the video advancing bar will be red, and the promotions showing video tone is yellow. A little change made numerous surges over the web to know Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow? In light of our exploration, no authority reason from YouTube is acquired for the abrupt change.

Assume you are not watching a promotion; actually seeing a yellow bar implies perhaps an advertisement blocker is causing the issue. Or then again it is maybe a trick as April Fool day is close.

The YouTube group is adequately proficient to discover and give the answer for issue at the earliest opportunity. For more refreshed subtleties, if it’s not too much trouble, stay tuned with us.

People groups’ Reaction

We looked for clients’ reactions for an abrupt glitch in YouTube and found the response like here. One of the client says regarding Why Is the YouTube Bar Yellow that, ‘assume you are not streaming promotion and still yellow bar is showing it is a direct result of the advertisement blocker.’

Interestingly, another client says that despite the fact that I have no promotion blocks introduced in my framework, video progress is yellow, so I think adblocker has nothing to do with this issue.’


In the course of recent days, a little change on YouTube is turning into a web sensation over the web. In the event that you experience a similar issue, kindly stand by until the YouTube official group settles the issue. There could be no legitimate justification the video advancing yellow bar till now. We trust our examination based article was useful to you.