The collection of all significant housing developments includes The Capital Smart City Islamabad. One of Pakistan’s most spectacular residential developments, it will also be the first of its sort in Islamabad. Due to its clever qualities, it has quickly been among Pakistan’s most successful housing developments. Moreover, this is Pakistan’s first Smart City initiative and the fourth Smart City project overall in Asia. Lahore Smart City is Pakistan’s second-largest. It has become the most popular residential project in record time due to its effort to promote distinctive characteristics.

Additionally, it was determined that Capital Smart City has been among the most acceptable options, including both domestic and foreign Pakistani investors. As a result, this Smart City in Islamabad has received RDA approval. Its founders are affiliated with Future Holding Developments and Habib Rafiq (Pvt). The foundation of Capital Smart City is a unique approach to urban administration that validates impact and production. Builders are attempting to ensure that all of their residents are actively involved. Additionally, designers’ main goal is to utilize cutting-edge modern information and communication technologies effectively, particularly regarding increased services and efficiency.

Authorization and NOC

 Capital Smart City NOC has received approval from the RDA. However, the first NOC granted to society is now being revised due to additional land acquired; hence, the business is expecting its NOC for the revised project for the current societal enlarged block. Therefore, it is anticipated to be approved soon.

Location of Smart City

The position is on the eastern path of CPEC, along the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, 9.2 kilometres from the M-2 Toll Plaza next to the Thalian junction. The Islamabad airport is within a 5- to 6-minute drive away. In the coming years, getting there from the M-2 Motorway and the ring road via the Main Chakri road will be simple.

The national road, the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway, offers a straightforward entrance to the renowned region from the adjacent areas. Additionally, it will feature a designated motorway interchange awaiting NHA certification.


The M-2 motorway is an entrance to the capital smart city through the main Chakri road. In the future, you can even do it from a ring road. The national highway and the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway are additional direct entry points to the neighbourhood. It will have a separate interchange and be reachable via the route that the Frontier Works Organization has authorized.

Total Area

The area of the Smart City is 55,000 Kanal. Compared to the nearby settlements, it is ten times bigger. You’ll consider this gated community among the most extensive and intelligent. The main plan was merely tentative up until this point. Nevertheless, it will soon be expanded as per need.

Project Plan

A Singapore-based design firm developed this smart city master plan. The business is called Surbana Jurong (SJ). Based on the Township Model is the grand plan. Inexpensive residential alternatives are accessible in Capital Smart City. It provides several different housing possibilities that depend on the population.


Facilities are located throughout the map in clearly defined regions and categorized sub-regions. Similar to that, each area is supported and offers accessible social programs. The districts listed in the Capital Smart City Master Plan are shown below their identities.

Capital Smart City Capital Characteristics

 Smart City Islamabad wants to be one of Pakistan’s most significant cities to save the environment. This high-quality residential complex seeks to provide pleasant living situations along with all other necessities of life. Additionally, this housing project has the primary stages of more excellent housing. The goal of smart cities is to construct an efficient radian expansion that integrates significant facilities and services to maximize efficiency in the lives of its citizens. Furthermore, this company provides its residents with a unique and contemporary experience of life that they can anticipate.

Habib Rafiq Limited assisted Capital Smart City and became the first smart city in Pakistan by integrating cutting-edge technology and implementing innovative features (HRL). Some characteristics of this community include what follows:

·         Modern protection System

·         Clean and green surroundings

·         Metro Bus

·         power, gas, and water 24/7

·         Smart applications for electricity, weather, and traffic

·         Lodging, retail stores, and clubs

·         Intelligent and modern house

·         Exceptional Infrastructure

·         Foreign block

·         Ponds

·         Parks

·         18 holes of golf.

·         The designated junction from M-2

·         Nearby Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Basics Of A Smart Capital City

Smart Environmental atmosphere

Environmentalism is prevalent throughout the community. It has the essential natural asset preservation to enable it the ideal existence. All the settings are guarded by honest people who guarantee the residents’ tranquillity.

Smart Buildings

Here, living is in an elegant and cosy manner. This culture is developed, leading to a stable cultural climate. Moreover, it enables people with varied recreational hobbies to live peacefully. The aim of this is to ensure a good network of transportation.

Advanced Economy

An intelligent society offers several work options. Also, it provides its citizens with a fantastic chance to get international investors to invest in this ridiculous business. It also intends to create a variety of work possibilities in the retail and industrial sectors to improve Pakistan’s economic status.

New Updates in the Smart City Capital

The capital smart city of Islamabad is experiencing a significant economic surge. Plot purchases are attracting increased attention from individuals. For this purpose, they have a tonne of contracts that they have completed. The growth rate is an issue. Golf enthusiasts are highly interested in the area because it has a standard-18-hole course. Moreover, the location will eventually be transformed into a hotel & resort. Also, the assistance will be supplied to the individuals in a continuous stream.

The National Defense University authorized the MOU to create the development’s educational division. Moreover, the early section of the job is almost finished. Four tube wells meet the water supply requirements of civilization. In addition, 200 pieces of equipment have been purchased for the project.

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The majority of the residential system’s elements are undeniably attractive. Reviews of Capital Smart City Islamabad show that the idea is unquestionably successful. It is the most incredible house plan to boost the investment to more significant levels. Today’s majority of plots have already been sold out and are currently being marketed for gain. All members of society will find Capital Smart City to be a singular and comprehensive experience. There is no denying that this civilization is worthwhile investing in, given all the rights and benefits it provides.For more info about capital smart city Islamabad click on this link: