Hockey is a popular sport with many people all over the world but most would agree that no one loves it quite as much as the Canadians. In fact, they loved it so much that they made it the national sport; so that’s certainly going to help it in the popularity stakes. As you might imagine, with hockey being such a popular sport to both play & watch there have been different versions of the game developed over time; 3Ice being a new 3-on-3 pro league where plenty of people want to be a part of a 3ice ice hockey team or get involved in betting on their favourites – but why is hockey so popular in Canada?

It’s a Strong Community

Ice hockey is one of those sports that welcomes everyone and has a real sense of community amongst both players and fans. Of course, there are some rivalries between teams – everyone wants to be a winner – but in general, the sport is known for great sportsmanship and welcoming fans, which encourages new people to get involved in the sport.

Everyone Can Get Involved

Although not everyone will be able to enjoy ice hockey at a professional level, the truth is that it is a sport open to pretty much everyone. Ice rinks and outdoor areas to skate are really popular throughout Canada which means that finding a space to practice and improve your skills should not be too much of a hassle.  You’ll even find that there are community groups that offer lessons and the opportunity to join a team, so getting involved really has never been easier.

For those that don’t feel able to get on the ice themselves, there are plenty of opportunities for fans to get involved. You’ll find plenty of passionate fans that are keen to make banners, travel to games and hang out with other fans so you’ll soon find yourself a whole new group of friends with a similar interest to you.

It Has a Strong Canadian History

We know that ice hockey first appeared in Canada over 100 years again back in 1862 and it has grown in strength and popularity since then. It really started picking up in popularity in 1893 with the inauguration of the Stanley Cup back in 1893, but it is in more recent years that the sport has really taken off and proved popular with Canadians of all ages.

With technology meaning that games can be live-streamed, people can place bets from wherever and follow the game no matter where they are in the world the popularity of the sport has unsurprisingly continued to grow over recent years. This has also opened up the sport to Canadians that no longer live in the country, allowing people to support their favourite ice hockey teams from anywhere in the world.

Although no one can say for certain what the future holds it’s a pretty safe bet that the popularity of ice hockey in Canada is not something that is going to change anytime soon.