It can be hard to think of new date night ideas or even fun things to do with friends or family. But there is a delightful trend sweeping the country that gives you a unique experience and helps you get closer to other people. You got it right, and here we’re talking about escape room experiences!

How Did Escape Rooms Come to Being?

“Escape” video games like the Myst series became popular in the early 1990s. Players had to interact with their surroundings to beat these video games and solve puzzles. Toshimitsu Takagi made a video game called Crimson Rush in 2004 that was a lot like escape rooms as we know them today. This game has had a big impact on developing “live” rooms.

Even though there is some disagreement, most people agree that the Japanese company SCRAP opened the first live escape room in 2007. The rest of the world didn’t take long to figure out this new thing either. By the end of 2019, there were about 50,000 escape rooms worldwide, with 2,350 of them in the United States. Please search for the best escape rooms near me and get into your favorite game!

Why are escape rooms perfect for a date?

Teamwork is a big part of why escape rooms are so popular. Companies will often rent a room to see how well their teams can work together and solve problems. To beat an escape room clock, you need to work together. So, the rooms are used by managers to watch their staff in real-time. An escape room is a great way for friends and families to spend time together, but it is also a great way for couples to spend a fun night alone or with a group of other teams.

A Memorable Experience!

No matter how many times you’ve been on a date, an escape room is a unique and memorable way to spend time together. It’s a nice change from movies and dinners. A date at an escape room gets couples out of their comfort zones and into role-playing, which helps them work together to solve problems and talk to each other. Some rooms even let you take pictures when you’re done with the challenge. You’ll get the perfect image for your Instagram followers, which will get people excited about your awesome date night at an escape room.

Healthy Competition!

In general, escape rooms make people feel like they compete with each other, even if they have to work together to win. People are eager to show off how smart they are, which can sometimes lead to them being bossy. If you use an escape room as a first date, remember that it is a game. Try to give your date the benefit of the doubt if they act too competitive. After all, you don’t know them. Their desire to win could be part of their plan to make you like them. Couples who have been together for a long time are more likely to know each other’s quirks so that competition won’t come as much surprise.

A Cost-Effective Adrenaline Rush!

You might have already been looking for an exciting date night idea. And maybe you’ve thought about doing dangerous sports like skydiving. Even though these options are fun, many are pricey and perhaps too extreme for some couples. Couples who want to spice up their date night without spending a lot of money should try an escape room. There is a time limit in escape rooms, so people have to work quickly and well to beat the clock and get out of the room.


Escape rooms are like laboratories. They create the perfect setting for people to get to know each other. It is especially true for new couples, who can learn from each other by finding out how they talk. To beat an escape room clock, you need to be able to talk to people and work as a team. With the clock in the room, you’ll be able to see how your partner acts when time is running out. Even though the game’s rules limit you, you’ll be able to see behavior that may show up in your relationship later.

Put on your clothes and be ready to say “Cheese!”

Not all escape rooms are like this, but I think the best ones always let you dress up at the end! In all the years I’ve run an escape room business, I’ve never seen a player frown when I asked if they wanted to dress up as a spy. I think it’s because it makes us all feel like kids again. 

For date night ideas, escape rooms can be a great option because they provide a unique experience while also strengthening your connection in specific ways. Whether you are looking for best virtual escape room or individual date night idea escape rooms, it is time to put your excitement into dating. Test your and your partner’s problem-solving capabilities with these games.