The progress of humankind can be mapped through a few very important temporal milestones. Cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution, renaissance, industrial revolution and of course the emergence of automation. The next big change in human life is expected to arrive through the implementation of automation in daily lives. Already the implementation is showing results. And soon with a greater degree of incorporation, it will certainly bring in big changes. Automation eradicates human error from the processes by granting the ability to outsource. Simple but exhausting tasks are error-prone and fatigue-inducing, reducing the value of human labor to a detrimental extent. And automation saves humanity from that accident. Automation tools of our times are mainly artificial intelligence or stand-alone machine learning tools. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning designed to recognise seemingly non-existent patterns. And helping is processing information with the help of a plethora of layered neural networks joined by functions and gates.  Deep learning is changing the automation landscape and is expected to command a lot of respect and attention in the fields. Thus being ready with deep learning courses online is the wisest thing to do for professionals looking for a thrilling career in deep learning. Online courses are all about flexible schedules and a good work-life balance. And perhaps the best option for a professional willing to devote themselves to the service of automation. 

What is deep learning?

Deep learning is a machine learning paradigm inspired by the human brain. The structural and functional unit of a human nervous system is a neuron and deep learning uses hypothetical neurons for the processing of information. A deep learning model is trained using enormous amounts of data. This “training” generally focuses on optimization of a deep learning tool, so that the output is always reliable and validated. Deep learning is modeled like the human brain and needs a lot of data and adept professionals for development and training. 

What are the limitations that we face?

The primary limitation that we face is involved with data quantity. The sheer amounts of data that we need for the development and training of deep learning tools are scarce, to say the least. And any6 pioneering model must wait for a field to be able to supply the necessary amounts of data needed for training. Just a couple of years ago, we couldn’t handle and store this enormous amount of data. And obtaining the data by ethical means has always been a challenge for deep learning and automation professionals. 

The other most limiting factor in the case of deep learning is the limitation of computation power. Deep learning models can not be run on ordinary machines. The right combination of GPU and CPU is essential if a DL programme is to act on a loop and generate data all the time. In addition to that, the computer performance should be enough to be able to make sense of the huge chunks of data that are being used for training. And also sustain the numerous neural networks and chains that are needed for a deep learning model to stand and perform. 

Why a career in DL? Why now?

Just by taking up deep learning courses online alone, a student can not be prepared for the professional field. In an industrial setting in our times, an automation professional is treated with much respect and is considered a valuable asset to their employers. Thus the responsibilities bestowed upon them are mostly of paramount importance> and any proposition of accumulating error can result in extinction. Thus a fair amount of relevant skills are expected of any adept automation professional. Thus it is of the essence, that choosing deep learning courses online involves looking up for opportunities of hands-on training. Only at work, a student can learn the necessary aspects that are involved with becoming a successful deep learning professional.

What are the applications? 

Customer support bots

A modern and automated customer support bot is almost as adept and sensible as a human being. It is very hard to differentiate if a customer is talking to a human or a bot. A customer support bot is trained for communication and problem-solving. The presence of these bots in commercial services is saving valuable manpower, time and money. And adding the aspects of perfection and value in the process. Thus businesses availing of these benefits can think wide and far-fetched without worrying about stressing the customer support team.

Healthcare and diagnosis

  • In the healthcare sector, the implementation of deep learning is changing lives in a manner never seen before. The deep learning tools in the healthcare sector are being used for the automated diagnosis of pathophysiologies and pathometabolics. The training however is very important in this case for avoiding collateral damage. Thankfully the data we need is abundantly available throughout the world and is generated constantly by healthcare units across the planet. 
  • Automated remote alarming systems are another blessing of deep learning. A deep learning model trained for sending notifications is trained to identify irregularities in the vitals of a patient. A remote device smart enough to monitor the vitals is generally worn by a patient. And the device monitors the aspects that it is designed to monitor. In case of an irregularity, the device automatically sends a message to the responsible healthcare institution and alerts the patient following the diagnosis that is generated by the institute. 

Logistics and transport

Self-driving vehicles are expected to replace human-driven cars completely within the next couple of years. Apple and Tesla are the pioneers and market leaders of this technology. These cars are driven by a deep learning model that is expected to learn in an unsupervised manner. These cars learn from human inputs, eliminating human errors and standardizing their skills for ensuring a safe ride. Coupled with cutting-edge navigation systems, a self-driving car can easily take one person to a designated place with the press of a few buttons. 

Apart from these major fields, a deep learning tool can be deployed as an early warning system in the face of a natural calamity. Or simply for controlling a traffic-infested city. 

How do you select deep learning courses online? 

An online course can never be trusted with eyes closed. There are chances of encountering fraudulent and fake courses looking forward to stealing a student’s hard-earned money. Thus extensive browsing and research are essential for knowing the limitations and capabilities of an institute and being aware of the possibilities in terms of keeping promises. The best possible way to judge deep learning courses online is by getting in touch with relevant people that are involved with certain courses. The faculty and alumni are the most ideal candidates for this quick discussion. A faculty member can reveal their approach toward the students and their background can reveal their approach to the subject. Alumni can provide first-hand accounts that are relevant to a course. And help in making and enrollment of investment decisions. Furthermore, the professional standing of a student reveals how much an institute invests in terms of dedication, passion and hard work, for the transformation of a student into 1a professional.