The Wrath of the Lich King is an absolute great version in WOW history and players’ memories. With the WOTLK Classic released, heroes of Azeroth will step on a much more dangerous adventure than before, face enemies including the nefarious Lich King and his bulk of undead forces in the icy continent of Northrend. Just like other WOW expansion, if you want to enjoy the game content from the start to the endgame stage, there is one item you need the most, gold, more specific, lots of gold. The mount, gears, potions and outfits etc., all those stuff relates a lot with gold, thus how to grind gold is one of the biggest issues that every players will face. But here is the question? How and where to get gold? Do not worry, today let’s have a look.

How to farm gold in the game?

There are some methods that players can use for farming gold in WOTLK.

Honor Gems Method – It is one of the most common way for players to use for gold. Completing the battlegrounds daily quest, you are able to buy different epic gems. Those gems can be sold in decent number of gold.

Flipping – Buy low sell high in auction house, but you have to check the value of items all the time. It will take tons of time on boring content.

Daily Quests – One of the most easy way to grind gold, but the rewards from those quests are too less.

All those methods above have the same problem: you have to spend tons of time on farming gold while the rewards may not satisfy you. On the other hand, you may not have enough time on the game, daily quest will take you lots of hours and flipping may cost more. If your raid have a plan on ICC and you are still struggle in gears, a large number of quick gold is quite necessary for you. So where is the best place to get those gold? is the best site selling WOTLK Classic Gold. As one of the biggest game currency supplier for many years with lots of loyal customers, it is your priority reliable partner in WOTLK adventure.

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