Many consumers are familiar with the problem: the printer breaks down and a new device is connected. The full printer cartridges that you have stored on the shelf or in the office materials store can no longer be used in the new printer or copier. What remains is the disposal of the full printer cartridges; but if so, then please in the interest of the environment! Other people could still benefit from these printer cartridges. We will therefore buy the remaining cartridges from you at fair prices and without hidden costs.

Turn full printer cartridges into money

On the one hand, many consumers own old printer models for which they can hardly find new printer cartridges, if at all. On the other hand, there are people like you who want to get rid of their full printer cartridges. We see ourselves as a link, buy the remaining stocks from you and use our infrastructure, which has grown since 1998, to enable the cartridges to be reused. Our full toner purchase is therefore a win-win situation for you, our employees and future customers. You also protect the environment by selling full printer cartridges.

The better the condition, the higher the compensation

The amount of compensation depends on the condition of your remaining printer cartridges. If the printer cartridges are in their original packaging and if this original packaging is completely undamaged and spotless, you get the most money. There are deductions for cracks, dents or stickers on the packaging. You have to calculate with the lowest, but still fair remuneration if the original packaging is missing. In any case, it is important that the original sealing strip has not yet been removed.

You can dispose of/sell the following printer cartridges through us:

  • full toner cartridges
  • unused drum units

Dispose of toner and image drums profitably

The image drum is the control center of the laser printer, so to speak. Without them, the toner would not transfer to the print medium (paper). The 1 – 2 mm thick piece of aluminum pipe has a device-specific diameter and therefore only fits into the device intended for it.

A toner cartridge or toner cartridge is the container in which the toner powder is located. Because many laser printers and copiers do not have an integrated image drum (permanent image drum), this is exchanged directly when the toner is changed. Here then no pure cartridges, but drum units (drum kits) are used. This consumable contains both the imaging drum and the toner. You can sell us both pure cartridges and full and unused drum units.

Components of drum units

Toner container: The toner container is built into the cartridge housing and contains the toner powder.

Protective strip/cap: The removable protective strip prevents toner from spilling out of the toner container before the cartridge is inserted into the printer. The manufacturer HP and many other manufacturers use protective strips, while Brother uses a protective cap. Important: When you sell your leftover toner, the protective cap or protective strip must not have been removed.

Toner scraper: The so-called scraper ensures that not too much toner is applied to the developer or magnetic roller.

Developer roller: The developer roller is the part that transfers the toner to the imaging drum.

Wiper blade: After the toner has been transferred to the paper, the wiper blade removes the remaining toner that is still on the drum and sends it into the waste toner bottle.

Waste toner container: The excess toner ends up in the waste toner container. Because the powder was already loaded, it cannot be used for a new printing process. Some manufacturers (e.g. Samsung) often have separate waste toner containers.

Charging roller: The charging roller electrically charges the drum negatively and thus prepares it for marking by the laser. The resulting negative (laser image) is then removed again by the loading roller.

Image drum: The image drum, a 1 – 2 mm thick aluminum roller, is the heart of the drum unit, so to speak, and transfers the print image to the paper. The higher the quality of this component, the better the printing result. The drum is not included with pure toner cartridges, but can be purchased as a separate accessory or already integrated in the printer.

Drum protection flap: As soon as the toner cartridge is inserted into the printer, the drum protection flap opens. This protects the image drum from light before it is inserted into the printer.

How expensive are collection boxes for disposing of printer cartridges?

If you want to dispose of printer cartridges, you can order the collection box from us at a fixed price of €32.80 (+ €6.00 ​​shipping costs). The price already includes the return label and the environmentally friendly processing of the printer cartridges.

With a collection box for printer cartridges, you can offer your customers an additional disposal service or dispose of your own toner cartridges in a relaxed manner. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The collection box is delivered to you and only needs to be filled. The return label is included so that you can give the filled box directly to the next GLS driver.

Which printer cartridges can be disposed of?

You can dispose of all undamaged toner cartridges or printer cartridges in the collection box. It makes no difference whether you only want to dispose of empty printer cartridges or toner cartridges as well, you can also collect all permitted materials together. Even if you or your customers want to dispose of cartridges for franking machines, you can easily collect them in the collection box and thus have them recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Can printer cartridges be disposed of with household waste?

No, printer cartridges must not be disposed of with household waste. Neither the residual waste nor the yellow sack is the right place for disposal or recycling. Normal household waste is often incinerated. The recyclable materials from the toner cartridges cannot be recycled. In addition, there are still paint residues in the cartridges. These often contain chemicals or particulate matter. Toner is therefore often classified as hazardous waste and belongs in hazardous waste. Proper disposal is therefore always important for the environment.