Ponytail extensions are crafted from synthetic or human hair and are crafted from two distinct but oddly similar fibers. There are significant distinctions between synthetic and human hair ponytail extensions, making hair shopping a daunting task for many. 

When you are at crossroads on the type of ponytail you should invest in, how do you make a purchase decision? 

So, to help you with that, we have carefully crafted this blog to help you make an informed decision about shopping for ponytail extensions. 

Is there a difference between synthetic and natural hair ponytail extensions?

Half up, half down ponytail on Znedaya
Half up, half down ponytail on Znedaya

The short answer is yes. Human ponytail hair extensions are manufactured from various human hair types, including Vietnam, Indian, European hair, and more. 

Although there are various grades of human hair in the market based on how the hair was collected, handled, and sorted. We will focus on human hair and synthetic ponytail extensions in this blog because it is the most reasonably priced and widely used form of human hair for curly hair extensions and wigs.

Remy Ponytail Extensions

Wavy Remy drawstring ponytail from Indique Hair
Wavy Remy drawstring ponytail from Indique Hair 

Remy ponytail extensions are hair with the cuticle (outermost layer) intact, not stripped, and aligned in one direction. This procedure ensures that the hair remains smooth, lustrous, and tangle-free for the duration of its life. 

The real virgin hair ponytail extension is unprocessed hair where the hair integrity is preserved. This is the most preferred type of hair because it is made of the same material as natural hair—keratin. This results in the most natural blend, but it also has numerous additional benefits listed below.

Reasons To Buy Human Hair Ponytail 

  1. They appear more realistic due to their natural qualities
  2. Offers a seamless blend with your natural hair
  3. Human hair ponytails have the same brilliant luster and silky, smooth texture as your natural hair. 
  4. The possibilities of knotted hair are extremely low with natural hair ponytail extensions.
  5. They are heat-friendly, just like your natural hair.
  6. They are a one-time purchase that can easily last up to a year or more with little upkeep.
  7. Human ponytail extensions are water-resistant, meaning washing it won’t compromise the texture.

Synthetic Ponytail Extensions

A closer look at synthetic drawstring extensions
A closer look at synthetic drawstring extensions 

Synthetic ponytail extensions are created from various synthetic materials and do not contain any human hair. They are constructed of acrylic, nylon, or polyesters that are heated and sent through small microtubes to replicate the look and feel of hair strands. 

Since synthetic hair comprises synthetic material, it will never look exactly like human hair even if some women use it for creating urban hairstyles like lemonade braids, passion twist, kinky hair buns, etc, may be stiff or move differently, have an unnatural gloss, and be more conspicuous as a hair item.

Reasons To Buy Synthetic Ponytail

  1. Synthetic hair ponytails come in hundreds of colors and curls and are quick to style.
  2. Synthetic ponytails are less expensive than human hair ponytails because it is less costly to produce.
  3. When compared to natural hair ponytails, synthetic ponytails retain their style after one wash, but the texture of the hair does not.

The downsides of synthetic and real hair ponytail extensions 

Get’em by the hair
Get’em by the hair 

The cost

Human hair is far more expensive than synthetic hair. This is partly due to people having to grow their hair and the procedure of collecting it. With that being said it is important to remember that human hair is a one-time purchase. 

On the other hand, you can only produce synthetic ponytail extensions. This is one of the key reasons why synthetic hair is cheaper. But they are a recurring purchase because synthetic hair typically lasts only 2-3 months. 

In a nutshell, human hair can be expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget, but the quality of the hair will easily outweigh the price tag. 

Reaction to humidity 

Anyone with kinky curly hair knows that your hair will turn into a giant fluff ball if you flat iron it while it’s humid outside. This also applies to human ponytail extensions. The heat from curling irons and flat irons is too much for synthetic hair. 

Some claim they are heat resistant up to specific degrees, which is true, but with the preset style, you will have to fight a struggle to change what the hair was when you bought it. This can be challenging for women who want to mix things up now and then. 

Reaction to chemical procedures 

In addition to not being able to apply heat on synthetic ponytail hair extensions, it is also impossible to dye them. Synthetic extensions can’t be processed again because these fibers have already been colored and treated. 

They cannot withstand chemical procedures (like bleaching and coloring) like ponytail hair extensions and can cause significant damage to the wefts. 


As you can see, there are significant distinctions between your human and synthetic ponytail extensions. It all depends on what you’re looking for and what you want to be able to accomplish once you’ve got them. 

There is no right or wrong decision; some synthetics are getting so close to resembling real human hair ponytail extensions that you won’t be able to tell the difference. With that being said, a replica can never be as good as the original. 

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