A good beverage pairing is similar to a good friend: You get the best out of your interactions when you have a companion with considerable character. As a result of time spent in barrels, brown liquor is naturally mature, generous, and intriguing. To complement your palate, Liquor Mates has compiled a few of our favorite food pairings.

What Food Goes Well With Whiskey?

Among the most avid drinkers of whiskey, drinking it straight is considered to be the best option. The best way to enjoy whiskeys with a touch of sweetness or those with a hint of earthy and smoky notes is to drink them neat. Certain foods can, however, be paired with whiskey in order to enhance its flavor.

What foods pair well with whiskey? Here are the best food and whiskey pairings Liquor Mates recommends. 


Sushi combines the flavors of seaweed, soy sauce, vinegary rice, ginger, and wasabi, making it the best food to complement a complicated drink like whisky. Liquor Mates’s selection of Japanese whisky is the top choice to partner with sushi because it can bring out its background and subtle notes.

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits have more complexity than fresh fruits due to their lower water content. Figs and dates complement the flavors of most American whiskeys found on Liquor Mates, which include licorice, cinnamon, and spiced caramel. Dried fruits can give whiskeys bright candied orange or pineapple notes and a strong floral aroma. 

Strong whiskies pair well with sweeter nuts, while sweet whiskies pair well with bitter nuts. Heavily roasted nuts go well with whiskies with strong smoky flavors, like Booker’s 2021-03 ‘Bardstown Batch’ Bourbon Whiskey.

Smoked Salmon

To be able to pair salmon with high-proof liquor, you must find the perfect balance between the two. The flavor of smoked salmon is similar to that of strong whiskey products offered on Liquor Mates, with a creamy, delicate, smoky taste. The combination of smoked fish with whiskies that have strong peat flavors makes the experience of drinking smoked fish and whiskies unenjoyable. 

The delicate tasting notes of single malt Scotch are a good choice for smoked salmon. Light whiskies work wonders with lighter smokes, while strong whiskies need a more flavorful fish.

What Food Goes Well With Vodka?

There is nothing quite like a classic vodka soda for a refreshing, quick and easy drink. It does get tiresome if this is all you are drinking and you are not pairing your vodka with food while you are drinking it. You can upgrade vodka simply by changing the quality of vodka sold on Liquor Mates and accompaniment that goes with it. Since it is a versatile drink, it does get tiresome if you are only drinking this and not pairing your vodka with food while you are drinking it, whether it is white meat or red meat. Ultimately, vodka is a versatile drink that pairs well with anything. The team at Liquor Mates recommends these food accompaniments that are sure to spice up your vodka obsession.


Steak dinners always have a way of making you feel celebratory, so why not bring the party to an even higher level by having a bottle of vodka delivered by Liquor Mates to your door? It is a classic vodka soda that goes well with a beefy meat such as steak, because it has a strong flavor. As a result of the carbonation, fat is cut through easier. If you would like to balance out your palette, add a splash of lime juice to the mix. Martinis taste pretty awesome with Steak, too!


That’s right. Cheese is not just for wine snobs. Cheeses like ricotta, dill, or good cheese pair well with vodka delivered by Liquor Mates. Keep an eye on how much cheese you are eating if you are watching your weight, even though they are a little more caloric. Snack on it and take your shot because a little keeps you satiated and full. Cheese’s richness and vodka’s crisp flavor complement each other, which is why they work so well together.


Who knew dumplings would pair well with vodka? The first is a Chinese delicacy, and the second is a Russian delicacy, and you do not see the connections between the two cuisines very often. When it comes to fixing your drinks with food, dumplings are always a great choice when it comes to fixing your vodka from Liquor Mates with  savory food. It is a wonderful dish, that is hearty, scrumptious, and comes with a delicious sauce to accompany it. This can be a really fun combination if you are trying to have a nice meal and want to get a little buzz going at the same time.

What Food Goes Well With Tequila?

Drinking tequila with Mexican cuisine or sipping it with Italian, Caribbean or African cuisine, it pairs well with a wide variety of dishes.

Are you looking for a sip-worthy tequila to pair with your next dish? Liquor Mates recommends these food accompaniments that are sure to spice up your tequila experience.


Tacos and tequila are one of the most classic food-and-drink pairings. Try a Blanco tequila delivered by Liquor Mates with fish tacos, or a Reposado with pork tacos for a more flavorful meat.


A Reposado would pair beautifully with grilled vegetables, and fresh vegetables tossed with citrus flavors like lime or lemon would pair well with a light Blanco.

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