Pharmacy professionals or ‘Pharma Pros’ are pharmacy technicians who play a crucial role in helping people and delivering critical care to improve their health and maintain their well-being. Pharmacy professionals stand out from the rest of the doctors for their multifaceted knowledge, expertise in medication, and personal contact with the public. They are the primary representation of the large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and are celebrated as such.

Pharma Pros deliver safe and effective care through their unique ‘person-centered’ professionalism. The ideal Pharma Pro treats each person as a distinct individual worthy of respect and care. Because patients and the public have the right to be treated with care and respect.

Life after B. Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate course offered by leading pharmacy colleges in Raipur. Soon after completing their bachelor’s, pharmacy graduates from Kalinga University are looking at an inviting job market with exciting offers. They can either start their careers in leading corporations such as Cipla, Apollo, Lupin, Sun Pharma, and Johnson & Johnson or enroll for further education in degrees such as:

  • Diploma in Drugstore Management
  • Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharma)
  • M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • PG Diploma in Pharmacy Practice
  • PG Diploma in Drug store Management
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management

The Seven Things Best Pharmacy Pros Do

  1. Person-centered care

    Pharmacy pros provide person-centred care to every individual who needs it. Person-centred care is a behaviour technique that includes prioritizing the patient’s needs and their individual medical history over established scientific decorum. Pharmacy professionals meet the needs of people and treat them as their sole priority.
  2. Partnership with colleagues

    Pharmacy professionals with a Bachelor in Pharmacy from Raipur must work in sync with other professionals to deliver premium and efficient care to patients in need. They must have a cordial relationship with others in the field and work as a team to prioritize patient care first and foremost.
  3. Effective communication

    Pharma Pros must possess commanding communication skills. They should be able to advise patients and get their concerns across without losing the audience. It is important to build a rapport with patients. Pharmacy professionals must also possess excellent bedside manners that allow patients to be comfortable and open with them.
  4. Expertise

    Pharmacists are experts in their field of medicine. They use their experience and knowledge to recommend the best course of drugs and action for patients. They develop knowledge and skills over the course of their career and hone their craft through their patients’ unique medical histories and prognoses.
  5. Professionalism

    Pharmacists must exert professionalism in their behaviour and must exert confidence in their work. The job includes managing complex legalities and the personal requirements of those in need. They must also need the standards of the operation.
  6. Patient Privacy

    Patients must feel confident to tell all of their issues and share their private medical history with the pharmacist, who in return must keep their faith and secrets super packed. Most people are reluctant to share their past history with others. So, it is the job of the pharmacist to be the patient’s confidant.
  7. Personal accountability

    Pharmacists are liable for the drugs they prescribe and dispense to their patients. This job includes personal and professional accountability. Pharmacists must not indulge in careless and reckless behaviour that endangers the life of their patients. 

Job Profiles for Best Pharmacy Pros

  1. Drug Inspector

    A drug inspector examines and oversees the production and manufacture of drugs. They are in charge of enforcing quality and safety standards in the production and packaging of drugs. The job also includes overseeing the hygienic standards of drug manufacturers and monitoring everyday operations in industries. Drug inspector is a highly in-demand and respected job, which comes with great authority and is often commanded by state governments. A drug inspector can investigate and instigate prosecution in cases of offence.
  2. Drug Therapist

    Drug therapy is the routine administration of drugs against diseases. Drug therapists create a prescription for drugs that can be availed in pharmacies. Every prescription is personalized and prepared for each patient, depending upon their allergies, biological makeup, and history of diseases. Drug therapists are also in charge of working on the progress of the patient and modifying their prescription as per the need.
  3. Biochemists

    Biochemists study the chemical and physical properties of living beings and publish research papers that become the foundation of drug manufacturing. They are experts in human physiology and are responsible for understanding and analyzing complex biological frameworks that are the first step toward the development of new drugs.
  4. Regulatory affairs officers

    Drug manufacturing and production is a highly guarded industry with tons of laws, regulations, and government overreach. Each drug company needs tons of affairs officers who can intervene and represent their company in front of the government. Regulatory affairs officers are trained pharmacists who have technical knowledge of the medicines and also legal knowledge surrounding drug laws of a particular country.
  5. Product development scientist

    New and better drugs are being produced in the market every year, through projects led by product development scientists. This is a high-paying and exciting career avenue for graduates from private universities in Chhattisgarh. A product development scientist researches and examines new processes that can effectively and efficiently produce drugs in the market. Upon their research and conclusions, they also make recommendations to existing users to improve their efficiency and bolster their profitability.
  6. Retail pharmacy

    Retail pharmacies are essential to retail stores that sell drugs to normal people. Pharmacists help patients with their health issues and offer advice in response to their queries. They train, manage, and recruit staff who process prescriptions and dispense drugs. Pharmacists also sell medicines to medical representatives and manage the budgets of the retail store.

In conclusion,

Pharmacy is a respectable field of medicine and one of the most sought career choices for biology students. Pharmacists following the laid out principles are primed to have an excellent career ahead. Some of the best pharmacy colleges in Raipur provide a great education in this field. If you have an interest in the field, then you can really launch a fulfilling and lucrative career in the industry.