You might have the right bed but are still experiencing restful sleep due to the form of the bed frame not being appropriate to your needs. Thankfully there is a range of Beds in London at The Bed Heist.

Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed is a super option for everyone who can’t get comfy on a conventional bed and crave a better night’s sleep, from relieving constant pain and uncomfortable aches to letting comfort of access to people with calm flexibility.

An adjustable bed lets the consumer customise their sound asleep role to their specific desire, supplying a safer night’s sleep.


A divan bed is a term used for a bed and a base segment with drawers inside it that can be used to provide a consequence of good storage choices, making it multi-functioning furniture that maximises place in your bedroom, free up space in your chest of drawers and wardrobes.

Divan beds are known for their durability and are often paired with a cosy company bed, making them a fantastic choice for sleepers eager to ensure spinal alignment is kept in place whilst they sleep.


Ottoman beds have even more storage capability than divan beds as the whole area under the bed may be utilised without the need for drawers as a gas-raise hydraulic piston system increases the bed. People who prefer softer beds with added comfort layers are better required to have a sturdier bed frame.

Why must you choose Ottoman beds?

If you need a practical method for the storage issues that each family reviews, then an ottoman bed is a choice that means you don’t need to sacrifice style.  The recognition of bedroom ottomans has grown substantially in recent years, with the main attraction being the storage area available below your bed.

The average current home is being built to more minor specs than ever, so how we use our available storage space is more vital.

Of course, extra storage space is frequently functional whether your house is big or small! And if you rent your home, a bed that gives in-build storage means you’ll continually have somewhere to keep your things in any properties you stay on.

Plus, people love that most Ottoman Beds are well suited with any bed, giving you more flexibility.

Beds in London
Beds in London

What do you need to keep?

With storage space accessed by a simple and secure gas lift mechanism, an ottoman bed lets you create a clutter-free bedroom where you can relax and comfort at the end of the day.

Because the below-bed storage place is self-made, all your items will live clean and dust-free, making a more ottoman bed best for storing bedding and linens such as sheets, pillows, duvets and towels.   Items for seasonal or occasional use are also the best to keep below an ottoman bed.

For instance, if you look at this terrific Livingstone linen bed, you can see precisely the quantity of storage a double ottoman bed can provide. Compare it to a four-drawer divan bed, and you’ll quickly note how tons more areas you may use.

Choose the correct bed:

Aside from the storage benefits, any other outstanding reason to buy an ottoman bed is that it’s compatible with any bed. Most double ottoman beds have a slatted base for a barely softer experience, like this Carrie fabric ottoman bed or a stiff peak to provide more assistance.

Combined with your choice of bed, whether it’s coil sprung, pocket sprung, pillow top or reminiscence foam, you can get the level of consolation and help simply right.

Pick the correct style:

Don’t fear. The days when the most elegant and stylish beds didn’t provide storage are long gone.  Most ottoman beds may be made of wood, fake leather-based or material.

And the range of colour choices available with fabric ottoman beds, as seen in The Bed Heist collection, offers you a menace to add style and flair.

Fabric ottoman beds may be a statement piece for any bedroom – but that doesn’t imply you have to sacrifice storage. And know that Ottoman beds don’t need to be made in the spare room.  You’re sure to discover a dream double ottoman bed to suit your taste and style while offering convenient storage to enhance your main suite.

At The Bed Heist, our professional team is usually available to help you pick the ideal ottoman bed and mattress for your bedroom. Plus, with free delivery on hundreds of products, you can immediately enjoy a top-notch night’s sleep on an ottoman bed.