Birth control pills have been gaining prominence, as more and more women realize the importance of planning their family. Although nothing except for abstinence is the sure-fire way of preventing pregnancy, but hormonal birth control option greatly improves the odds of not conceiving. 

There are multiple options available in hormonal contraceptives. You may use the pills. There are also shots and patches available that intervene by causing hormonal changes in the body. 

Similarly, some implants that are inserted by the gynecologist doctor in Islamabad offer the same impact. The benefit lies in reducing the human involvement; while you can forget to take the pill daily, the implant operates on auto for years after which it has to be removed. 

The benefits of hormonal birth control 

The most salient benefit of hormonal birth control methods is to prevent pregnancy, but that’s not all there is to hormonal birth control methods. There are other benefits that this form of contraception brings, which include:


Hormonal birth control can help women manage their acne better as well. A certain form of acne is caused on account of haywire hormones, which is why teenagers tend to have greater outburst of acne. 

Birth control methods with basis in hormonal changes can help in curbing the acne breakouts. 

Improved symptoms of PMS 

Premenstrual syndrome has become a sort of jab at women, which has made light of the issue. However, PMS is a serious problem that affects women. From physical symptoms like pain and cramps to psychological symptoms like depression and mood swings, the impact of PMS is rather grave. 

A more aggressive form of PMS is PMDD –premenstrual dysphoric disorder — in which women experience stronger symptoms associated with PMS. 

Hormonal birth control can help in improving the symptoms of both, PMS and PMDD, which can then ease the pain for the women.

Lesser risk of ovarian cysts

Cysts are fluid filled sacs that can develop in the ovaries. Women who have PCOS face the problem of ovarian cysts. These can be painful, and cause distress to women. In certain cases, cysts can also posit problems with fertility as well. 

Using hormonal contraception can help in preventing the formation of these cysts. 

Less painful periods 

Period pain and its plight cannot be highlighted enough. This pain can be debilitating for women, making them unable to carry on with their regular affairs. Some women also have to resort to strong drugs or injections to get reprieve from the pain. 

Using hormonal birth control can help with improving this pain; no ovulation means no cramps then as well. 

Reduced risk of certain cancers 

Research has shown that women who take hormonal birth control pills or methods otherwise have lesser risk of uterine cancer. Moreover, these can also help in decreasing the chances of getting ovarian cancer as well. 

Regulation of menstrual cycle 

While many women do have a regular cycle, others don’t. This lack of certainty not only makes preventing pregnancy a challenge, but it also causes distress to women as well. Generally, lack of regulation is also on account of hormonal problems occurring in the body.

Hormonal birth control can help in regulating the cycle, so it works like a clockwork. Women then have a better control over their bodies as well. 

Word of advice 

There are also downsides to using hormonal birth control methods. Since they work by altering hormones in the body, you can expect some backlash from the body as well. 

Some of the possible side effects include nausea, headaches, missing periods, mood problems, lowered sex drive, changes in the vaginal discharge, tenderness in the breasts, water retention etc. Some can also cause increase in the odds of certain cancers. 

Therefore, when deciding on a contraceptive method, look at the matter in entirety. Also, consult your gynecologist in Rawalpindi in finding the method that best fits your needs.