Matching old with new pieces will create a more eclectic, charming interior design that will make you feel happy to be at home. Marrying antique and vintage pieces with modern designs isn’t easy, but it can look stunning when done right.

With a little know-how, you can create a diverse yet beautiful environment that proves you have a keen eye and exceptional attention to detail. Read this guide to mixing old with new in interior design.

Consider an Antiques Characteristics

Antiques will grab others’ attention due to the quality of their craftsmanship, intricate carving, or decorative elements. Think carefully about the antique style you would like to incorporate into your home, and then find the furniture to match.

Consider the shape and style of the antique to ensure it matches your taste, while adding grandeur and texture to a room. For example, if you want an eye-catching chest of drawers that dates back hundreds of years, you will likely love the characteristics of Georgian drawers. The Georgian style will add strength, texture, and charm to an interior. Also, a design with a curved front is a great way to play with lines in the home, as it can contrast beautifully against the straight lines of a contemporary sofa.

Understanding the role of shape and contrast in interior design will make pairing old and new styles a breeze.

Use a Mix of Textures and Layers

Aged furniture will become a focal point in a room, but you must be careful not to incorporate too many to create a contemporary yet traditional aesthetic.

Also, blend eras by using a mix of textures in your interior design, which will improve its balance and appearance. Mix unblemished, smooth surfaces with rustic or silky materials.

For example, add a contemporary mirrored tray onto an aged coffee table or place a modern silk pillow onto a distressed armchair. The contrasting textures will create a cohesive interior design and prove you have exceptional attention to detail.

Also, don’t overlook natural textures to ground the space and unite eras, such as:

Faux fur

The above fabrics will add comfort, warmth, luxury, and texture to a room and create a cozy backdrop.

Understand Balance and Scale

Don’t underestimate the importance of scale in an interior. It is vital to get the proportions correct to create a harmonious environment. Most interior designers believe oversized pieces are better than many undersized options.

Also, you must provide the appropriate mix of old with new pieces to match a large furniture item. For example, if you choose a large contemporary sofa, you can ground it with a vintage chandelier and antique mirrors that draw the eye.

Mixing old with new is an interior challenge. The key is to play with lines, scales, and fabrics to ground a space, add balance, and create visual appeal. If you follow the above advice, you could create an interior design that never fails to wow each time you or your guests step inside your home.