Solar Energy is that form of energy which is obtained from the Sun and is further used to produce electricity. The Sun being a huge fireball is the biggest star in our solar system and also the ultimate source of energy on earth and in our whole universe. Its constituent elements are Hydrogen and Helium i.e., the composition of Sun is mostly Hydrogen and Helium. In the core of the sun, Hydrogen atoms keep breaking into Helium atoms and it takes 4 hydrogen atoms to form 1 helium atom. This process is called nuclear fusion and the sun experiences constant breaking of hydrogen atoms into helium atoms which is why it never ceases to emit energy.

Different types of Solar Modules that are put to use

Let us take a look at the different types of solar modules that solar cell manufacturing companies in India manufacture and put up for sale. We shall talk of each one of them individually in the bullet points mentioned below.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels: Monocrystalline solar panels are made up of single silicon crystals which are pure silicon and hence adds to its purity and efficiency only drawback being that a lot of silicon goes in waste to produce just one monocrystalline cell. The toll of the silicon wasted even reaches up to that of 50% at times and it is for this reason that these are quite expensive.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: As the name suggests, evidently these are made up of more than one silicon crystal. There is hardly any wastage of silicon in these panels which is also the reason as to why these are quite affordable but on the other hand they are also less efficient than compared to monocrystalline cells.
  • Passive Emitter and Rear Cell panels: Passive Emitter Rear Cell Panels or PERC are but an improvement of the conventional Monocrystalline cells. Here a passivation layer is added to the back surface of the cell which in turn enhances and intensifies the efficiency of the cells.
  • Thin-film Panels: unlike the other three solar panels that we just spoke of which are made of Silicon these are made up of a few different materials like Cadmium telluride, Amorphous silicon, Copper indium gallium selenide etc.

There are many solar module manufacturers owned by either a government entity or a private entity engaged in the manufacturing and sale of solar panels. Established in 1995 Premier Energies is yet another one of those companies in the Indian energy sector, however different and more capable than any other firm you can further speak of. Premier Energies established their first ever Solar Power assembly line in 1995 with an initial capacity of 3 MW p.a and as of now it is 1.4 GW of solar modules and 750 MW of solar cells which is pretty impressive isn’t it? Evidently that makes Premier Energies the largest integrated solar manufacturer in south India and second largest in whole of India.