FASHION: 5 medium-length haircuts that will be a trend in 2022 – Medium-length haircuts are a safe bet for any woman regardless of age or hair type.

Although fashion always changes, there are many styles that will return to be a trend in the year 2022, and if you are looking for a fashionable haircut with which you want to try a half hair, we bring you 5 styles that you will surely love and with which you will feel very comfortable. The advantage of medium-length hair, or midi, is that you can maintain the balance between short hair and super mane. We can consider this style as an option full of possibilities to play with our image and try different looks since its height lends itself to multiple options.

The haircuts bob are a safe bet for any woman of any age. They are the easiest to care for and are always flattering, as their style can range from the jawline to the shoulders.

  1. Sharp bob

This will be one of the greats in 2022. With its rounded style, the sharp bob is one of the trends of the moment. The version that will be requested the most is the impeccable one that reminds us of those that were worn a few years ago.  The key to this hair is to wear it polished with the ends combed inwards. It’s a straight, layered bob cut that experts recommend wearing with a deep part in the middle for styling.

  1. Midi with bangs

The medium length hairstyles with open and pointed bangs are one of the most iconic and imitated this year, but it will also be so for the next. It’s a timeless classic, worn with light layered texture and movement. The specialists affirm that long and paraded seventies manes will also be a trend, as long as they know how to integrate the bangs into the cut.

  1. Swag haircut

In 2022  the swag will triumph in its version of “The Squid Game” worn by actress Ho-Yeon Jung, who plays the participant 067 Kang Sae-byeok in the Netflix series. This look is worn in a disheveled style, with highly textured ends and a certain androgynous air.The best thing is that it is a cut that fits any type of angular, thin, wide face. As for the type of hair, it is perfect to provide movement and a renewed air to fine-haired manes because it helps them gain volume.

  1. Italian bob

The Italian bob works more on textures to achieve an elegant finish a cut with body and movement that does not require a lot of maintenance so that a perfect mane always looks. It is the most sophisticated version of the classic bob. It usually favors elongated faces and is best if it is styled with waves, with a somewhat casual style.

  1. at shoulder height

It is the longest that can be worn in the case of midi or a half hair. For this 2022 it can be worn in various styles, such as with texture, discreet layers at the ends and asymmetrical but with the middle parting, or with a black color that will highlight the style. For further details and pictures simply click on this highlighted link and visit our recommended site. Indeed you will get new ideas there.