What’s stopping you from upgrading your truck? After all, there are a number of benefits to doing so. Upgrading your Ford F150 can do everything from lowering your fuel costs and reducing maintenance costs to providing upgraded entertainment features and even making your truck more reliable on and off the road. The hardest part is deciding which upgrades are the best ones for your F150. 

Quality Brake Fluid For Trucks

Your brake fluid is an essential part of your Ford F150. The cheap stuff might get the job done, but it isn’t getting it done well and likely isn’t doing your truck any favors. The next time you have your brake system flushed (you should be doing this about every 30,000-45,000 miles), upgrade your fluid to a high-quality one that has proven itself worthy. From there, be sure to flush your system regularly. Frequent flushing of your Ford F150 brake fluid prevents corrosion of your truck’s metal components and keeps your brake system working effectively to ensure your safety when you’re on the road.

Tonneau Covers

You can’t have a stylish Ford F150 without a sleek tonneau cover. They not only provide a classier look for your truck but offer a lot of functionality benefits as well. Do you transport luggage, equipment, or other items on a regular basis? A tonneau cover ensures your belongings are protected from the elements or unexpected bumps on the road while you’re driving. Tonneau covers also improve gas mileage since they improve your truck’s aerodynamics. Other benefits include increased security, better organization, and even an increase in your truck’s value. 

Lift Kits

Lift kits not only look awesome but provide a range of practical benefits as well. First, a lift kit protects the body of your truck since the further it is from the ground the less likely it is to be damaged on rough roads or during accidental parking mishaps (everyone gets a bit too close to the curb from time to time). Lifting your truck is especially important if you like to go off-roading and need your truck to be rough-and-tumble-ready. Lift kits also allow you to increase the size of the tires on your truck, which is another important consideration if you’re into off-roading. 

Oil Separator

If you have an EcoBoost engine, you can’t skimp on the upgrades that will help it to run even more efficiently. If you choose only one, choose an oil separator. The EcoBoost engine uses a positive crankcase ventilation system that can cause a lot of oil accumulation in the engine, eventually leading to carbon buildup that causes the engine to become damaged and perform poorly. An oil separator catches the oil and prevents it from creating problems for your engine. Even if you don’t do any other aftermarket upgrades for your EcoBoost, you can’t skip this one. 

Fun Upgrades

Of course, you’ll need some fun upgrades, depending on what you use your truck for. Surround sound systems, music player upgrades, GPS additions, and so much more make it easy to enjoy your truck as more than a place to get you from Point A to Point B. 

Whether you off-road on the weekends or use your F150 as your daily driver, it’s important to ensure you only install parts that enhance its performance and meet the necessary criteria. Always use the VIN lookup option when choosing the right parts for your truck. This ensures your upgrades are truly beneficial.