Once in a while, one aches for long drives. Choosing a long-distance location and taking unknown routes feels exciting, but the cheerfulness can quickly wear off. You may feel uncomfortable with every hour that passes. The third cup of coffee may not refuel your road trip spirit adequately.

However, it’s not all gloom. Long-distance road trips can make your journey safer and more pleasurable with the proper preparation. Here are a few tips on how to plan your next road trip in 2022 and enjoy the perks of spectacular adventures by road. 

Plan Your Likely Spend On-Road

Before planning a long road trip, chalk out the likely expenses back and forth. Identify the cost factors during the road trip. Spell out how much money you can spend on your vacation by road under different heads. Example,

Car rental cost, in case you plan to hire a cab  

Car maintenance cost, if you wish to drive your vehicle   

Pit stop expenses

Food and beverages

Communication expenses

Emergency cost (weather, traffic congestion, or any health crisis)

The tentative cost outline for the road trip will help you use your wallet judiciously. You may have to change the costs if you have a baby or pet on board. If you plan to lug along your cycle, bike, luggage box, or ski and kayak accessories in your 4X4, you may hire the services of road-approved industry experts like roof racks Sydney to facilitate your outdoor adventure.

Consider the basic things you need to book and plan before starting your long-road trip. Then work out the likely daily needs for the long outing, which will shape up during the trip. 

Book Lodging To Your Comfort  

When you have finished budgeting your road trip, it is time to book your accommodations. Decide upon a price range, then look for pocket-friendly places to sleep while on a road trip. While choosing accommodation, make sure it is convenient from the main highway, not burning the extra fuel.

Make sure you know a bit about the places where you will stay for a brief stopover. Book your room ahead of the road trip to be on the safe side so that you don’t miss proper accommodation because of the holiday rush or peak season. When making your room booking, check out:

  • Room rate in non-peak vs peak season
  • Holiday/festive deals on room tariffs  

Consider online hotel accommodation on Airbnb and other competitive sites to get the best rates. Book hotels that do not require upfront payment and can be canceled 24 hours before with no penalty. This will give you the flexibility to change your mind and not lose money. 

Pack Safe And To Your Needs  

On a long road trip, you may have the urge to pile up goods and accessories in excess. Whether it is your first adventure on the road or nth, keep in mind location, conditions, and possibilities. For long day trips, consider your needs and pack accordingly. Give priority to perishable items like food, water, beverages, and elementary stuff like clothes, hygienic products, and cooking equipment. 

When stuffing your SUV with bags and boxes, pack appropriately. Secure the items that need to be safe and protected during road travel. Pack tight on your roof rack and use heavy-duty straps to secure your boxes and equipment, so they don’t budge during travel.

Put Together Ample Playlist

Putting on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone before you hit the road is the surest thing to enjoy music. But it can kill the relaxing drive vibe. You may also tour through a few areas without cellular service, radio coverage, or satellite signal.

Getting a suitable playlist downloaded ahead of the journey will save you from silence or boredom. Include as many fun and upbeat songs as you can to keep your energy level high when nothing is available to keep you in good spirits. Break the monotony of hearing your old favorite songs by listening to a podcast. It will help you pick up a new skill or entertain you with a meaningful modern-day plot.  

Select Your Must-See Places

A long-distance road trip can get boring despite the best music and refreshments on board. If you want to do some sightseeing mid-way, figure out the key highway stops before starting the road trip. Browse the city maps and location guides to know when and where to stop rather than travel for several hours without a break.

Focus on knowing the anchor stops as they will help you figure out how much driving you need to do each day to stay on schedule.  


A journey break is a vital part of any road trip. They help you rest, refresh, and enjoy destinations along the way without boredom or fatigue. When planning for halts, pick new places to bring a fresh feel to the journey. Parks, stores, and restaurant stopovers will add zing to your long road trip. 

Give your car a thorough check-up before starting the engine. Check lubricating oil, brakes, wiper, tire pressure, and treads. Keep your first-aid kit stocked. It would also be a great help to have knowledge in first aid and CPR for emergency situations. You can easily search the web to find out where to take first aid course.