Used vehicles usually come with a history, and it might get challenging to picture how well they performed in the past, or how their previous owner maintained it. Many VIN check tools online can help you uncover the past vehicle history of any car. However, not all of them are to be trusted. Most of them will charge you extensively for a complete report.

This is not the case with Free VIN Check. It is one of the few and most reliable platforms for identifying whether the car you wish to purchase has had any problems or is worth the purchase. Based on reports from this site, you can gauge the car’s current value and confidently come up with a working estimate for its price.

Top 5 Free VIN Check Alternatives 2023

  1. Free VIN Check
  2. VIN Number Lookup
  3. Chevy VIN Decoder
  4. ClearVIN
  5. Cebia

1. Free VIN Check

The FreeVINCheck platform has grown to become a preeminent VIN check service in the USA, with access to most of the largest car history databases. It sources data from places such as the NMVTIS, multiple local state and government agencies, and companies such as salvage auctions and scrap yards.

As a result, you can pull out comprehensive and highly in-depth reports on any type of vehicle registered in the USA. Information contained in these reports typically includes details on the make and model, engine, transmission, body style of the car, and other technical specifications. You can also access a history report, which provides information about any previous theft, accidents, floods, or any other events that may have affected the vehicle’s value or safety.

For example, you can get a heads-up as to whether the vehicle in question is safe to drive on the road. You can also get an accurate odometer reading because FreeVINCheck gathers information about a vehicle’s last odometer reading. In case of an irregularity, you can see it in the report.

2. VIN Number Lookup

Using a VIN check service such as VINNumberLookup allows you to access a lot of vehicle reports for free. This platform does not require you to sign up or create an account to be able to perform a VIN lookup. You can conduct as many VIN checks as you wish without signing up or paying a membership fee.

You can conduct instant VIN lookups as the platform employs a cross-border vehicle history database. 

Its extensive search database is connected to multiple online public sources and partner sites. As a result, you can get comprehensive background reports that give you a good look into the vehicle’s past and current condition.

You can expect accurate and relevant data as the search engine collects information from local, state, and federal databases, multiple car dealerships, and repair shops. And since the site has an extremely easy-to-use interface, conducting a VIN lookup takes a few minutes to reveal relevant data.   

3. Chevy VIN Decoder

The Chevy VIN Decoder is notable for providing an in-depth report for any Chevy model within minutes. This software is designed to give details about Chevy vehicles. It has proven to be a valuable asset for determining a vehicle’s ownership history and maintenance records and matching different faulty parts of your Chevy car.

So, if you want detailed information about any Chevrolet model (whether Classic, Blazer, Cruze, or Lumina, etc) the Chevy VIN Decoder should be your go-to. Buyers of second-hand Chevy cars usually rely on this tool to ensure a safe purchase. It can decode the vehicle’s VIN and provide all vital information about the potential car.

Their in-depth reports generally contain data on ownership history, car usage, safety inspections, damage reports, maintenance records, damage severity and location, theft records, and so much more.

4. ClearVIN

ClearVIN sources its vehicle data from a wide range of government and public records so that you can access clear and accessible history. It collects information from multiple non-listed sources, including financial institutions, local departments, and federal agencies. Therefore getting your VIN check from this platform can only see you getting distinctive data and reliable reports.

ClearVIN may not have a free plan, but it sure gives you much of the same data you’d get from other paid services at a lower price. They usually never provide reports or data about vehicles labeled as a complete loss. That is because these vehicles are typically taken off the highway and never driven again.

Based on vehicle reports from ClearVIN, you can estimate the potential value of a vehicle so that you don’t overpay it. From its ownership costs data, you can view the projections of car maintenance, probable depreciation, insurance reports, and other variables. This gives you insights into the prospective credit value that you should expect.

5. Cebia

Cebia serves as a vehicle VIN check tool in 20 European countries. With its headquarters in the Czech Republic, it has deep roots in the entire Europe and nearby premises. What is notable about this service is that it provides great value to both individual buyers and car dealers, helping them make safe decisions. 

Cebia doesn’t source data from the NMVTIS or any other national or state-owned department. You can say this is what makes it unique from the other VIN Check services. Instead, its central database takes the data from the Auto tracer system – an extensive system that can access more than 1 billion car histories. As a result, you can’t expect any chance of incorrect data from this company. 

It is a valuable tool for any dealer, customer, importer, or manufacturer. When you choose to use this service, you enjoy various features, including the vehicle’s valuation report and technical specs, problem check, vehicle identification, and so much more.

One of its major drawbacks is that since the auto tracer doesn’t verify its vehicle data from government state departments and police stations, there could be doubt about the data’s accuracy. 


Q1: How Can I Check a VIN to See if It Is Stolen

You can utilize an online VIN check service, such as Free VIN Check to check and see if a VIN has been stolen. FreeVINCheck offers a free VIN check service on its website that can help you distinguish an original VIN from a fake one. Based on vehicle reports from this site, you can tell whether the vehicle in question has been reported as stolen, damaged, or salvaged.

Note that just because a vehicle has not been reported as stolen does not guarantee that it is stolen or involved in any other illegal activities. You should always get a full vehicle history report before buying a used car. 

Q2: Can a VIN Tell You the Make and Model

Absolutely! Running your vehicle’s VIN check on a VIN tool such as FreeVINCheck gives you details on its technical specifications, including the model, brand, engine number, and other specifications.


FreeVINCheck is a trusted platform for reliable and the most comprehensive reports on vehicles out there. Try it today for free! And see whether you are getting a good deal for that car.