Project launching is an adrenaline rush — it’s the feeling of uncertainty and excitement rolled into one!

For the uninitiated, project launching is getting a project off the ground. It’s the pinnacle of months (or even years) of hard work, and it’s often the make-or-break moment for a project’s accomplishment. Project launching includes everything from project feasibility and planning to project execution and closure.

To better understand your project feasibility, consider performing a Feasibility study before project launch.

Undoubtedly! A successful project launch requires careful project management and a clear understanding of the objectives. However, a poorly executed launch can cause delays and problems that will plague the project throughout its duration.

In fact, there are several facets to launching a successful project. Still, some of the most vital things to keep in mind are communicating effectively with all stakeholders, setting realistic goals and timelines, and having a clear plan of action. By taking care of these things, you can increase your project’s chances of success.

But how will you do it?

Creating a fool-proof project launch presentation is the answer!

A project launch presentation can help you present confidence and show off your idea in the best possible light. It helps communicate the project vision and objectives to everyone involved, ensuring that they stay in the same loop and work towards the common goal. But if you don’t want to create a presentation from scratch, utilizing the ready-made PowerPoint templates is the only reliable option. But from where can you get one? Keep reading!

SlideTeam – One for All and All for One

When it comes to presentations, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every presenter has their unique style, and each set of audience is different. That’s why it’s critical to have a variety of PowerPoint templates to choose from. And that’s where SlideTeam comes in.

With SlideTeam, you can find templates for PowerPoint that are both professional and visually appealing. They can transform your dull presentation into an engaging story that will capture your audience’s attention in a few clicks.

So if you’re looking for PowerPoint templates, SlideTeam is the perfect place to start your search!

Project Launching PowerPoint Templates from SlideTeam

While executing a new project, templates can be a lifesaver. SlideTeam offers a wide range of PowerPoint templates specifically designed for project launches. With its professionally crafted PPT designs, you can create polished and impactful presentations.

All its PowerPoint layouts are easily customizable, so you can quickly create a presentation that is tailored to your specific needs. Let’s explore the templates and get your point across!

Template 1: Project Launch Meeting PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Incorporate this content-ready PPT deck in your presentation to define the various elements involved during the project launch. With this PowerPoint template, you can create an organized project kick-off agenda. So move a step ahead and download this PPT layout now!

Template 2: Project Initiation Launch Control Process

Download this amazing PPT slide to make your employees aware of the project initiation launch control process. This PowerPoint template comes with enough room for text that helps you jot down your valuable content. You can also personalize this PPT layout as per your needs.

Template 3: Project Management With Project Launch Planning

Employ this pre-designed PPT layout and assign various project duties to your team members. By using this PowerPoint slide, you can discuss the project deliverables with your employees. So don’t wait any longer, download this engaging PPT template.

Template 4: Business Project Monthly Rollout Timeline

Use this PowerPoint template to create a breakdown structure for your new project. You can take advantage of this PPT slide to define your project goals. There are various high-grade icons in this layout that make your presentation stand out. Grab this template now!

Template 5: Project Phases Timeline Showing Initiation Planning

Take advantage of this PowerPoint design to portray the overall timeline of your project launch. This PPT template can be opened in various file formats like PDF, PNG, and JPG. Also, it is easily accessible with Google Slides. Download this PowerPoint template immediately!

Template 6: Project Initiation Workflow PowerPoint Guide

Incorporate this PowerPoint template in your presentation to create a perfect project launch plan. You can share the presentation with your colleagues so they can stay on the same page and get to know the project launching activities better. So get access to this PPT slide.

Template 7: Project Initiation Execution Sample PPT

Utilize this visually appealing PowerPoint template to execute your project smoothly. With the aid of this PPT slide, you can portray the phenomena of project planning. This PowerPoint layout allows you to add your business logo that gives your content a unique look.

Template 8: Project Delivery Framework Showing Pre Project Initiation

Utilize this PowerPoint template and showcase the project journey from start to finish. This template displays the five sections of various project phases that you can edit according to your information. So grab the slide and get started with your work!

Template 9: Project Management Cycle Showing Approach to Managing Project

Use this PPT slide to keep all your project elements in an organized manner. By utilizing this PowerPoint template, you can show the management your approach to launching a project. Hurry up and grab this impressive PPT layout!

Template 10: Client Onboarding Process With Launch Project

Deploy this PPT slide and discuss your project launching strategies to the employees with ease. Using this PowerPoint template, you can create a full-fledged project launch roadmap. Grab this design and set a budget for your project launch.


Ready to launch your project successfully? Then download these eye-catching project launching PowerPoint templates offered by SlideTeam now! These PPT designs will help you plan and execute your project smoothly, ensuring success.

So why wait? Get started today and see the difference templates from SlideTeam can make!