The new business trend is to create products, services, internal policies that care, preserve and protect the environment. Biodegradable, sustainable and even reusable products are the offer of many innovative companies, at the service and care of the environment. Internal policies such as recycling, reuse, green energy sources, are among many actions that companies from all over the world are including in their models of social responsibility. In Latin America, being a region with abundant sources and natural resources, the trend of environmental care in companies or organizations has been increasing. Below we will name some innovative Latin American companies proud of the green brand that promote in their organizational raison d’être and are also very profitable, Because each KashPilot platform is unique, be careful to read the small print and comprehend all of your financial and legal responsibilities before funding your business.


Company founded in Mexico in 2010, has a long line of products made from plants that manage to degrade in a period of time of 90 to 240 days, thanks to the fact that microorganisms manage to feed on these components. An excellent choice for hotels, offices, restaurants even for the home. 


Public, private enterprise, which emerged in 2015 to solve an environmental social problem in the Municipality of Paloma, Uruguay. This initiative generates, transforms, reuses and valorizes the organic waste product of the fishing activity of the place. 


Company of Ecuadorian origin, dedicated to the recycling of plastic, juice and milk containers to transform them into tetrapack products and generate a wide range of products, including polyethylene handles, roof systems and ecological boards. 


Argentine company with more than 50 years of experience in the recycling and environmental care market. Its main objective is to recover packaging and industrial raw material. They also have a state-of-the-art processing line.


Spanish company, the first to create an architectural glass that generates clean and free energy through the sun. This photovoltaic vine is now used in many constructions for its contribution to the care of the environment and especially for energy saving. 

6.- B GREEN 

Brand of the company NegociosEcoeficientes de Perú. Pioneers in the development of corporate environmental marketing and eco-efficiency. In addition; provides advice for the adoption of an environmental organizational culture, using innovative environmental marketing tools, easy, efficient and friendly in terms of implementation and operation.


Honduran company founded in 2006, specialized in the manufacture of quality flexible packaging. It has social responsibility projects focused on innovation in the care of the environment, for which they won the award for best sustainability program 2022 granted by the FlexographicTechnicalAssociation (FTA). Among its programs are: 

Photovoltaic Plant

Wood recycling; for the construction and donation of desks to low-income schools and colleges

Solvent Recycling

Polyethylene recycling

Polypropylene recycling; for the reuse and production of roofs.

Its President, Jonathan Schacher and his right hand man who is also his brother Roderick Schacher, have the firm objective of continuing to promote a responsible environmental policy in his organization.

8.- Algramo

This Chilean company has promoted an interesting and successful market network, offering products without intermediaries, with 100% returnable packaging, promoting the zero carbon policy and contributing to the saving of at least 2kg of garbage per month. 


A company of Colombian origin, its function is to transform organic waste, which is a problem for environmental management and public health, to convert it into high quality organic fertilizer, for the country’s agribusiness. 


Panamanian green cleaning company, has its own line of disinfectant products. Its product line offers, biodegradable cleaning to the care of health and our environment. Their products are so efficient and safe that they are used in hospitals, doctors’ offices and the home.Protecting the environment is no longer just a matter of responsibility and awareness, it is also a source of income for many companies that have focused on the innovation of products that help the environment. It is interesting to see the ingenuity and adaptability of many companies in Latin America that have created or have joined the large square of environmental products, which today the market demands.