Today, almost if not all companies allow their employees to work from home, which is beneficial because people have found a better way to balance their home and work life. You can indulge in housework, like taking care of your children and house chores, and still get back to your computer to handle your work. With this, you will save a lot of your tie by stepping in for your housework rather than spend it driving in traffic. However, there is a big challenge for people working from home since the system they use is automated to sign them out after some time. But, great news, the issues have been saved by the new technological advancement that has come up with software applications like mouse movers and mouse jigglers that solve the problem.

A mouse mover or a jiggler is an app that seeks to connect a working computer by stimulating a moving mouse. The app uses different rotating patterns to move the computer’s cursor on the screen. You will prevent your computer from timing out because it activates the screen savers. If you want a good mouse mover software, you should get one like the download mousejiggler. With different mouse movers, it may be hard to know the right one for you. However, if you read through these tips, they will help you find the best mouse mover for you.

Available features

Different mouse movers come with varying features. Therefore, you need to decide on the vital features for you. Some mouse jigglers apps come with many features compared to others, so it is up to you to decide what is important for you. Make your decision based on whether you need an app that keeps your screen from sleeping or you want one that will keep jiggling your mouse cursor from time to time. That way, you will choose a mouse mover with the ideal features you are looking for.

Read the reviews

Before downloading any of your apps, especially the mouse mover, read the reviews given by previous users to understand what you are about to work with. This will give you a clear idea of what others think and experience and help you make the right decision.


Price is a factor you should always have in your mind. Not all mouse mover apps are made equally because some are expensive while others are cheaper. Decide on the budget you are willing to use and find an app that best aligns with your budget.

Try different apps

All mouse jigglers do not work the same way. That means you will need to try different apps until you find the one which suits your interest better. Once you get it, it is prudent to stick to it. Besides, it will help you acquire the most out of it as you will avoid confusion brought by other apps you do not like.

Depending on the user’s needs, you can decide to buy a mouse mover device or download a software application. For example, you can download mousejiggler or buy a device that will help you distract the mouse cursor until you get back to work. There is no problem, provided either way helps you not to get signed out of work while working from home.