Instagram Live was launched in the year 2016, right after the stories feature. And it went pretty popular just like the other counterpart. Even after being there around for like four years, influencers and brands are still confused about how to use the Instagram Live Stream. In fact, a New York Magazine has found that around 81% of consumers have watched more live videos in 2021 than in 2020.

And as we all are aware of the fact that the new Instagram algorithm rewards users have higher engagement rates. If you want to increase your daily engagement rate, then “Going Live” on Instagram would be supremely beneficial. By this way, you cans connect with your followers in real-time and entertain them as well. However, you should know fewcommon things about Instagram live stream before you proceed.

Well! Don’t worry, here is an article that talks about Things You Need To Know About Instagram Live Stream.

  1. What Is Instagram Live?

If you are considering Instagram Live, you must know that Instagram Live Streaming will let the users stream video in real-time. You will be able to see which followers are watching your live stream your viewers will be able to comment on the activity while it is happening.

As a result, you will be able to engage in meaningful dialogue with your viewers. While your live stream is over, you will be able to view exactly who was watching your video. Instagram Live will be similar to “Stories”, and it means you will be able to see the video for around 24 hours.

  1. How Is Instagram Live Different From IGTV And Stories?


IGTV is one of the newest kids present on the block. If you want to access IGTV, then you need to click on the little TV icon that you see right in the upper right corner of the screen. In fact, you will see that the IGTV section is added to the “explore” page. Hence, it will allow the users to find channels as per their likings to watch.

The IGTV is actually designed keeping in mind the long video content format. Just like the Instagram feed, the videos will not disappear, and your followers will be able to comment and like. If you have decided to increase the engagement rate, then Instagram Live is pretty good. However, IGTV will offer value to your loyal audience base who are already connected with your brand.

Brand and influencers are still on their way to exploring the IGTV features and how they can make it work best for themselves. Instagram Live is quite different from IGTV, and it will convey a sense of urgency to the viewers.

According to the recent survey, Instagram Live has a lot of online viewers who want to feel the real-time excitement, connection, as well as immediacy. The audiences are looking to feel more informed, connected, and involved with the brand and the products. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is yet another amazing feature that will provide the user access to post pictures as well as videos. However, it will disappear right after 24 hours. All the users will be able to identify who has viewed their stories and who are encouraged enough to send reactions or messages or even share stories that they have watched.

It is a pretty great tool for longer narratives told in shorter bursts of video or still images. Users will be able to use this wonderful feature to ask and answer questions in writing, post polls, and business accounts, and influencers with a huge follower base will be able to use the “Swipe Up” feature to link to websites or articles.

Overall, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Live are equally effective when promoting your brand or your products or business. You can use all of these formats to enhance your social media presence. Try to check out which tool is working the best for you and getting you viewers, and you can use that tool. Experimenting is the best way to understand the same.

  1. Should You Use Instagram Live Instead Of Facebook Live?

Well! The good news to all of us is that you can use both. But the better question will be which one should you use to channel your energy and time into? The answer to this question would be Instagram Live. At the moment, Instagram Live is pretty popular. Researches have proved that Instagram has a higher engagement rate than Facebook. It has around 2 to 7 percent of users interacting with each post.

And choosing a network depends on your need. Instagram live is best for small talks, or small interview personal live etc. and when it comes to Facebook live is best if you have a gaming profile or big events, news etc.

And if you have big profile on Instagram, you should try Instagram live stream viewers service that will cost you very low. But it can make your profile look much more famous.

Talking about Twitter then it has the lowest percentage of user engagement and is coming around 0.2 percent. Facebook, on the other hand, varies but tends to fall in between Twitter and Instagram. We think going live on Instagram will give you a chance to push the engagement rate quickly. And that is because Instagram comes with two ways to promote your stream.

  • It will send push notifications to your followers while you are on the live stream. However, the followers must have their push notifications turned on.
  • Instagram will further push your stream right at the front of your followers’ stories queue. And it will appear with a red ring in order to highlight the same. This will attract followers to the stream.

Final Talk

Instagram Live Stream is pretty essential if you want to grow your followers. However, you need to know about all other tools offered by Instagram and use them effectively to grow your brand.