UAE and its cities are prominent for their elegance, civilization, and luxurious-style respites. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE, distinguished and well known for its cultural and aesthetic style of life. People believe that this can be an adequate place for family visits.

We can stun its cultural life with conservancy because cultural and modern life both are essential in life and Abu Dhabi fulfils this demand. This place is a complete package of an artistic, contemporary, chronological, audacious, and exciting place.

No doubt this is the adequate place if you’re making a plan to visit. Before visiting any place, information is always crucial to avoid confusion and problems in the future. We are here to tell you about the key points which you should know before visiting Abu Dhabi.

Small keys to know

  • Languages

Arabic is the national language but mostly English is spoken everywhere so it could be easier to understand each other regardless of their areas and countries from where they belong.

  • Religion 

UAE and its states including Abu Dhabi are Muslims but also peoples from many different religions are live there

  • Time zone

GMT +3 hours

  • Telephone code 



Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and it is the largest city in the area. Abu Dhabi consists of more than 200 islands and about 400 km of coastline and there are many beaches, deserts, and mountains.

On the world map, it is located at the coast of the Persian Gulf. Its population is about 1.4 million and this is the best place for tourists.


The climate of every place changes according to the months. During the summer season, specifically from June to September it is incredibly hot and the temperature reaches about 40°c. From October to April, the climate is mind-blowing and we can say this is the best time to travel and make mark-able memories.

During October to April, the temperature is about 25 to 28°c and it’s quite cool. From May to October, we can moderate because the humidity is bearable.

Convenience to travel 

This is 1 of the most important facts to know before planning a trip, as Abu Dhabi is an active place where you have to travel frequently on a regular basis. If buying a car is not possible and you are thinking that you fulfil your needs and desires by using public transports, cabs and taxis then this is a little bit hard.

Rent a Car Al-Qusais and make your journey easy and comfortable and you can move freely wherever and wherever you want.

Attractions of Abu Dhabi 

As Abu Dhabi is full of attractions due to its incredible qualities, this is the main business centre of UAE along with a great source of enjoyment and happiness for the visitors. We all are busy in the rough and hectic routine of life  for the race of money or maybe name and fame 

When you desire to turn the page of your boring life towards glam and joy Abu Dhabi fulfils the demand of time and can add glamour and sparkle to your vacations. Abu Dhabi has many attractions which you should know and visit there

Some of the attractions are mentioned below;

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque 

This mosque is the complete face of religion, culture, art, glamour, peace, and many more. This is the religious attraction and its anterior and exterior are beautifully made. Its white marble exterior gives peace of eyes and soul.

It is one of the largest mosques in the world and the world largest Chandler is hanged there. Its interior is so gorgeously designed with marble, glass, lights, and verses written with golden wires.

A pool with blue marble at the entrance is heart-catching and the whole area is surrounded by greenery which gives calm to eyes and soul. Must visit that place and you will enjoy it a lot.

  • Al-Ain

History and its facts produce some curiosity in our mind about how it happens, how it was done? Many questions are produced in our mind and we can say people who are interested in history will enjoy this place a lot.

This place presents the history of Arabs beyond many years, approximately from the stone age. This is very interesting and it will be more exciting when you visit there. 

  • Al Gharbia

It occupies approximately one-third of the land of Abu Dhabi and it is the western region of the area. It contains many ancient forts, golden dunes, and many coastline meals.

The most famous resort of Abu Dhabi is popular for its exciting activities such as; dune bashing, sandboarding, camping, barbeque meals, camel trekking, and many more. There are also interesting and exciting events such as; date festivals, hill climbing is very popular and camel beauty contests.

And there are many more which can be enjoyed by visiting there and making enormous and mark-able memories.


Abu Dhabi is a very artistic, ancient, and aesthetic place full of temptations and solaces. We can say this place is best for work and happiness for you and your family. But before visiting any place important ins and outs of the place should be known before visiting there.

All important info is mentioned above which may help a lot and the most important tip to know is rental car is one of the important needs, Rent a Car Dubai and make yourself free to move.

So without any delay make a plan and hit the place and make memories for your future by which you feel glad during grief and awful junctures of life. Stay stable and stay delighted.