There is a good chance that some of your employees prefer taking alcohol to forget all about their woes.  Even though there is nothing wrong with that, excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to their health.  Furthermore, it can affect their performance at the workplace and reduce productivity levels.

To contain this problem without the hassle, it is in your best interest to prioritize conducting alcohol testing at the workplace. You don’t have to go overboard since the EtG test will always come to your aid.  In a nutshell, the EtG test works wonders when monitoring abstinence from alcohol.

That is not to say you should rush into purchasing EtG alcohol test strips as they could work against you.  The secret lies in understanding how this alcohol test works before giving it a try. Here are a few things to know before performing EtG alcohol tests.

Who Can Use the EtG Alcohol Test?

You might already know that the EtG test comes in handy while determining if someone is indulging in alcohol consumption when they shouldn’t.  That is mainly the case in professional monitoring programs, such as airline pilots, attorneys, healthcare professionals, and military schools.  However, it is not the most viable testing method at the workplace since it fails to measure current impairment from alcohol.

Other applicable scenarios for using EtG strips include liver transplant patients and alcohol treatment programs.  Things are not different for criminal probation, not forgetting DWI and DUI programs.  If you suspect impaired judgment among employees due to alcohol intake, you are better off using a breathalyzer test.

Test Accuracy

Even though alcohol urine test strips are in high demand worldwide, they also have downsides.  In some instances, this test can bring about a positive test merely from the daily consumption products with alcohol present.  Some of the daily use products containing alcohol as an ingredient include breath sprays, cosmetics, aftershave, and many more.

There are also other instances when you can return a false positive in EtG testing without consuming a product that contains ethanol as an ingredient.  A good example is in individuals with a urinary tract infection as they produce EtG leading to a positive test.  Either way, it remains one of the best testing methods indicating a person is struggling with an alcohol use problem.

The Bottom Line

Overcoming your alcohol abuse problem doesn’t have to be the underlying reason behind your sleepless nights.  If you are helping a loved one overcome their alcohol addiction issue, try starting them with detoxification in a medically supervised environment. Be sure to set aside some money for the EtG test buy and monitor their progress. The best Affordable Housing Developers in 2022 when to comes to choosing the right developer for housing.

To deal with their alcohol addiction once and for all, you should consider leveraging inpatient or outpatient substance use options.  With these options, recovering alcohol addicts get to work with a trained professional who assesses their addiction level. That way, they can determine the best opiate recovery center
solution for you or your loved one.

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