No matter what type of security camera installation you need, for home home, company, or residence, it is essential that we always take into account their location. It is essential that we always take into account the location of the same, as this could give a total turn to the sense of the camera. Are you curious why? Keep reading, we will explain a little more.

Security cameras are one of the technological proposals of the century that have totally revolutionized the environment, they are one of the most used products around the world, and although it is too common, not everyone knows how to take full advantage of the potential that gives you this service. And among these features that tend not to be observed by individuals, is the location of the camera, because even if you put it in an open place, it does not mean that it will record everything you need to feel safe. 

Every infrastructure, whether it is a business, a clinic, a restaurant, an office or a home, needs a specific evaluation to install security cameras because everything is different depending on the design, size, and management of the rooms. And even parking lots that tend to be totally open need strategies to prevent theft or situations that cannot be accounted for by blind spots.

There is a lot of ground to cover on this topic, so we will briefly explain the benefits of hiring professionals who can guide you in the installation of cameras:

Advantages of efficient camera installation with a professional:


Cameras are not only a way to have evidence, they are fundamental to a store’s security because they persuade thieves to commit some sort of criminal act, especially when they are positioned very well to make it look threatening. This is extremely useful in places with a lot of foot traffic at certain times of the day and where there may not be employees checking all areas. And it can even help you determine if any of your employees are being complicit in or performing any type of theft in the store itself.

In the case of homes, having cameras outside may work just as well for you, it will persuade burglars to enter. But an experienced camera installer will explain to you that you need a persuasive camera and a hidden camera so that in case they can cover the first one, the second one will always be recording everything in case of intrusion. So it’s not something to just place a camera and hope it takes over, the idea is to always be protected from all angles and have perspective of everything that happens in your home.

Another example of a good guide to place security cameras is that you should cover entrances and exits from all possible points because as they are very open places need more precision, and can capture the person entering and leaving, which is essential because after all you need to determine who is the intruder or who may be a possible suspect if something happens inside or outside the place.

A camera placed in a lower position is much more capable of recognizing facial features than one mounted high on the ceiling, so it will help identify people more easily and they are located at the door. 


Well after all persuasion is not the only thing you want. When we talk about a poor installation in terms of security cameras we are not only talking about the position, if not the quality of the service that is installing it. Believe it or not, burglars are smart, smarter than we think, and they know when a home is safe or not, if it has a persuasive camera, if it has a fake burglar alarm that doesn’t really sound, all this has been investigated by the through the company you hired and the type of cameras. Which is why you need to hire a professional security camera installer But they can’t guess where they are placed, much less when the installation is done by a professional. So maybe you should investigate very well who is going to do the service, your intentions, explain your weak points or the ones you think could be a problem, and if possible, apply some kind of security service such as alarms or updated technology.

And that’s it! Finally, we remind you that even if you don’t think it’s necessary, at any time you can be an easy target for a burglary. Even if a burglar sees that you have entered your house with cell phone or expensive clothes, that is enough to attract attention, and that is why it never hurts to make sure that everything is okay in your home through a camera. In addition, it not only serves to prevent thieves, but also to see what your children do, if your home is not at fault, to determine who threw that garbage in front of your residence, and has multiple functions that can be very useful in everyday life.

All the effort and expense that can be made to avoid a robbery is worth it. The average burglar only has a few minutes to get in and out, so the fewer obstacles and risks they face, the easier their task will be. Another great option to avoid theft or burglary when you are not home is choosing a residential remote video monitoring service. This way security companies can monitor your home 24/7 and you can also watch it from real time, no matter where you are. 

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that you can once again consider the safety of you and your loved ones, as well as all the hard-earned items you’ve worked so hard to get and all the memories of your family inside your home. Feel safe and always look for the best. 

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