If you’ve curated the best product out there, now is the right time to send them to your customers. It’s pretty obvious that you’ve made multiple decisions on your products already but this phase is the livable truth. That’s because it’s the right time to decide to package because it has a make-or-break impact on your products (it’s also about the first impression of customers on your products). 

In this case, people always get stuck between choosing the custom packaging and stock packaging and it can be intimidating to make the right decision. According to the studies, more than 60% of customers suggest that they love to receive orders with gift-like packaging. On the other hand, 40% of the customers say that they are likely to purchase from the retail stores if there is premium packaging. 

For this purpose, it is essential to understand the differences between custom packaging and stock packaging, along with the pros and cons. With this article, we are sharing all this information to help you make the decisions confidently and promise an effective impression on the customers. So, are you ready to find out more details?

Stock Packaging – What Is It?

Stock packaging is the generic yet premade packaging that doesn’t have much customization if we talk about finishing, color, shape, and size. It has extremely affordable production when it comes down to bulk quantities. However, it is limited to the standardized box colors, size, and styles that don’t always reflect the brand identity and message. 

This packaging is extremely easy to access since it’s readily available and makes a great option if you use it correctly. For the most part, stock packaging is the right (or may we say default) choice when shipping warehouses are concerned. As the name suggests, there is hardly any customization, so it cannot be designed according to your needs; it will remain to have a generic and very basic feel and appearance. 

The stock packaging is suitable if you need urgent packaging and want to send out products to the consumers’ lap. In addition, stock packaging can be used when you aren’t concerned about the impression that the packaging will create on the consumer base. This packaging is available in different shapes and sizes, is easily available, and is pretty economical. 

Custom Packaging – What Is It?

As the name implies, custom packaging is tailored to customers’ demands from scratch. It is designed according to the company’s needs rather than using the premade or standard packaging. The custom packaging process includes the customization and modification of colors, shape, material, size, varnish, and style (there can be other customizations as well). 

It’s safe to say that custom packaging has everything that isn’t included in stock packaging. The custom packaging is perfect for products with unique shapes and sizes as you would want the packaging that complements the unique appearance of the product and provides a secure fitting. The custom packaging is also modifiable when you want to add graphics, prints, or logos. 

The custom packaging is available in various sizes and shapes, and every aspect and facet can be customized. The users can play with the printed effects while designing custom printed pouch, mylar packaging and also custom boxes Canada and ensure that it aligns with the product and brand while leaving behind an impressive impression. However, some people do have thinking that they don’t want all the custom shenanigans. 

In that case, let us tell you that customization can be done when it comes down to lamination (gloss or matte), spot UV, debossing, embossing, and foil stamping. To summarize, custom packaging is a great way of intruding interest in the products and develop curiosity and excitement about your brands and their services. 

The Right Time To Choose Custom Packaging & Stock Packaging 

Stock Packaging 

The stock packaging should be used when you want to play around with various marketing faucets but don’t want to have the time and expense for customizing the packaging. It is a great option for people on a tight budget but wants to promote the products. In addition, stock packaging can be used when you have to send the products as soon as possible to the customers. 

Custom Packaging 

Custom packaging must be used for luxury products because it helps create an alluring appearance and want a secure and snuggly fitting to the product. In addition, the custom packaging is suitable when you want your customers to create unboxing stories on social media platforms. Moreover, it helps create unique and alluring packaging. 

The best thing about custom packaging is that it’s suitable for brands who want to experiment with product marketing. Not to forget, it makes an amazing choice if your brand offers eCommerce services or subscription boxes. It’s safe to say that custom packaging can open doors to new world and flexibility promises to deliver an alluring customer experience.