Europe is a merge of beautiful countries rich with culture and sceneries that take one’s breath away. Combine that with its fabulous weather and picturesqueness, and it becomes every couple’s wedding paradise. To top it up, it also presents the perfect honeymoon scene for you and your partner after you say your ‘I dos’. So if you and your fiancé have decided that you want a destination wedding in Europe but are not yet certain where to take your guests and, below is a list of the best places to tie the knot in Europe!

Agreco Farm, Greece

If it is a dream of yours to have a rustic wedding, don’t worry that traveling overseas might mean you would have to give up that dream. No, the Agreco Farm, Crete provides the perfect setting for a rustic wedding theme on its quaint and picturesque farm. It also comes with a guesthouse to lodge in and soak in the aura of Greece, as well as a church for your main ceremony. Cresting a hill near a small village, the area provides marvelous views of nature while creating a sense of intimacy. For your big day, you can say your vows in the chapel and then throw a grand outdoor reception complete with local meals while your Bryllupsfotograf Sjælland captures every heartfelt moment.

Forte da Cruz, Portugal

The Forte da Cruz is one of the most scenic venues in the country to hold a wedding ceremony, especially if you want to have your destination wedding at the seaside. It’s a vibrant affair, the location a union of the sky and sea imitating the union of you and your spouse-to-be. In the Fort, the flawless blue of the Portugal sky enhances the hues of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a beautiful background for your wedding day, as well as the photographs capturing the memories. If you’d like, you can opt for an evening wedding and have your reception under the beautiful night sky with the waves dancing around you.

The Savoy, Covent Garden, London

While almost everyone would love to visit London, not every couple wants outdoor London weddings. So for a glamorous and elegant indoor wedding in Europe, The Savoy Ballroom in Covent Garden is a place you want to consider. It has a capacity of over three hundred wedding guests and an allowance for any theme of your event. So if you want a dinner affair with tables and chairs or would rather your guests linger and dance, this staff will cater to your whims. The chefs are also eager to prepare exquisite meals of your choice for your reception!

Verdura Resort, Italy

Italy isn’t just one of the best places to holiday, but also great for weddings as it provides an assortment of beautiful landscapes to explore. For your European destination wedding, the Verdura Resort is one that will thrill you and your guests. Lying by the southern coast of Sicily, it provides an enthralling view of the sea and trees. With a large spa, Italian cuisine, golf courses, outdoor pools, and beautiful olive trees, it’s also makes for the perfect honeymoon location–and a vacation spot for your guests to explore. Other activities the resort offers include beachside horseback riding, hiking, cooking classes, and wine tasting! This resort is the Italian experience wrapped in one cute historic fishing port, so why not enjoy the entire package?

Hotel Chateau du Grand-Luce, France

Is your dream to have a fairytale wedding? Then this castle soaring at the apex of Grand Luce is the perfect location for you. Originally constructed in 1764, the character-filled castle not only boasts of rich history, it is also the perfect backdrop of nature’s beauty as it overlooks lovely French gardens, an extensive white-oak forest, and even a lake. With a Bryllupsfotograf Sjælland with you, you can be certain to have breathtaking photographs of your day that would always buoy your heart to see. For your stay, the Hotel Chateau provides hot-air balloon rides, swimming pools, a beautiful meadow by the lake, and a spa. What else could a couple want?

Villa La Vigie, Monaco

Monaco is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And with its rich history, it cannot be excluded from this list of best places for European destination weddings. If having the perfect wedding photos is high on your priority list for your special day, then this city by the Mediterranean Sea is the place you want to wed. Why? Because every part of Monaco is gorgeous. And the Villa La Vigie displays all of this gorgeousness the best. It presents stunning architecture, rich history and vibrancy, all in one place. For your wedding day, you can say your ‘I dos’ with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. And in preparation for your wedding, you can also count on the spa Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, to have you pampered, relaxed, and glowing.

Conservatorium, Netherlands

The best thing about the Conservatorium in Amsterdam, Netherland, is its versatility for couples. Whatever your personal tastes are, this location will be designed to accommodate them. So are you seeking a fairy-tale aura that makes you feel like a princess on your wedding day? Or do you want a sleek, modern, and elegant theme? Whichever it is, the Conservatorium provides the perfect background! A wealth of culture, it also is located at the apex of Amsterdam’s museum district, which means the Van Gogh museum is only a walk away. During your ceremony, you are assured enchanting views of the city. And the icing on the cake? You can request a planner for your wedding to assist you in setting things up so you can focus on enjoying your celebration with friends and family!

One of the best parts of a destination wedding in Europe is the surreal views that create the backdrops for your wedding. So to capture every memory, make sure to contact!