An online business requires top cyber security engineering companies sydney to be safe and secure, because any data breach will mean millions of dollars lost or even worse your business reputation being compromised. With the increase in ransomware attacks and IoT devices/botnets, there have never been more threats to an organization’s information and network security than there are today. Fortunately, companies like our recommended five offer top cyber security engineering companies sydney that are not only cost-effective but high-quality as well! Here are five of the best cyber security engineering companies in Sydney!

1) Essential IT

A Leader in Cyber Security Engineering and Consulting. As leaders in cyber security engineering and consulting, Essential IT offers tailored solutions to small and large businesses alike. Based out of Sydney, we have been a trusted name since a long time with our focus on delivering value to our clients through integration, solution development and project support services. Our areas of expertise include IT infrastructure design (including cloud computing), system integration, business continuity planning for regulated environments, web application development and cyber security consulting services. We specialize in understanding your needs from a business perspective so we can help you build an IT strategy that is going to deliver real value now as well as helping position you for future growth potential.

2) InfoSec Institute

This InfoSec Institute option is great for those who want to invest their time into learning security engineering—in a more hands-on setting. The core of its coursework is built around advanced technical skills: Penetration testing, Exploitation and Debugging, Reverse engineering, Shellcoding, Wireless and Mobile Security and Cryptography. InfoSec Institute also offers mentoring opportunities through its alumni network to assist with recruiting and job placement. If you are seeking a career as a penetration tester, then you should definitely consider investing your time at InfoSec Institute. Secure Logic: Another top pick among cybersecurity engineering companies in Sydney is Secure Logic. Secure Logic offers both graduate certificate programs (Masters and Graduate Certificate) that prepare students for entry-level positions within Australia’s rapidly growing IT industry. These certificate programs cover topics such as Systems Analysis & Design, System Administration, Project Management and Leadership & Management Skills that make them ideal programs if you’re looking to start an IT career within Australia’s government or defense sectors. Secure Logics’ graduate certificate program can be completed online or on campus (based out of Canberra) so it’s flexible enough for working professionals or those living abroad who would like to study from home.

3) Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence, a global technology and service provider based out of Indiana, USA has announced its expansion into Australia. Founded in 1994 by CEO Sanjay Mirchandani, Interactive Intelligence was valued at over $1 billion USD when they went public back in 2006. The company is publicly traded on NASDAQ under ININF and recently released their Q3 FY2016 earnings report (their fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31). There were no real surprises as revenue came it at $207.4 million for the quarter ending December 31st, 2015 down just slightly from $208.8 million last year.

4) Axis IT Consultancy

Axis IT Consultancy are one of Australia’s best cyber security engineering companies, with a strong reputation for excellence within both government and private sectors. For more than 15 years, they have provided businesses of all sizes with top-quality security solutions, along with expert advice and guidance on how to best protect their network. They are easy to work with and deliver results that last. It is important to find a reliable partner who can keep your systems safe and up-to-date so you don’t have anything to worry about. Axis IT will work closely with you throughout your project, tailoring solutions that suit your unique business needs perfectly. Choose them today!

5) ZoneFox

The team at ZoneFox have been operating successfully for more than 8 years, meaning that they’ve had time to get to know their business and industry intimately. All of their consultants are CISSPs who can offer expert consultation on information security and data protection. ZoneFox is also ISO27001 Certified, meaning you know your organisation will be safe under their wing. You may think that having a cyber security engineering company working with you means high fees, but they’re surprisingly affordable compared to some of their competitors; especially when you consider what value you’re getting out of them! Plus, thanks to their recurring monthly maintenance packages, there’s no risk attached and everything is taken care of by professionals who really know what they’re doing!


While there are a number of cyber security engineering companies in Sydney, these five provide top quality advice and service to their clients. They have a diverse range of services available to their customers, which means businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with them. However, they also have something else in common – they take pride in protecting your business and assets and will go above and beyond to ensure you’re as secure as possible. You can rest easy knowing that when you work with one of these companies on your next project, it’s going to be done right – at Essential IT Solutions we pride ourselves on only working with top notch engineers and technicians who are fully qualified for our clients’ peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about cyber security engineering companies sydney.