Possum Catcher won’t win a beauty festival every time quickly, for the reason that these marsupials look just like outsized rats, but they certainly aren’t almost as gnarly as they seem. In fact, they’re one of the most specific animals in Iowa, and they have ecological blessings in both herbal and concrete environments.

Possum Benefits

Opossums, from time to time mentioned just as possums, are a benefit to ecosystems and a wholesome surroundings beyond eradicating ticks.  They will seize and eat cockroaches, rats and mice – further to consuming dead animals of every kind (additionally referred to as carrion). Gardeners respect Possum Catcher’ appetite for snails, slugs and for cleaning up overripe fruit and berries.

Opossums also are immune to snake venom and in fact prey on snakes, including venomous species together with copperheads and rattlesnakes. Having opossums around can reduce probabilities of encountering venomous species near your home.

Evening Shift

Adult opossums are solitary and nocturnal—energetic at night time—and normally live in burrows and cavities that they locate geared up-made rather than create themselves. They are seeking shelter underground, in trees or anywhere in between.

Ed, opossums suddenly freeze and lie nonetheless as dying. They have no control over this response, which could be stated to paralyze them with worry or have developed because almost any predator can outrun them. If left unharmed, a catatonic Possum Catcher will recover in roughly one to 4 hours.

This extraordinary species is North America’s handiest marsupial (pouched mammal).  When the so-called Great American Interchange occurred with the final of Central America around 3 million years ago, the opossum became quite a lot the handiest marsupial from South America that efficiently moved to and survived inside the north.

They Provide Free Pest Control

Since their eating regimen permits them to indulge on snails, slugs, and beetles, they may be a welcome boost to the garden. They also assist in cleaning up resources of pests through consuming rotting fruit and vegetables. Possum Catchers also hold rats and cockroaches at bay by way of competing with them for food.Eleven In truth, it’s commonplace for opossums to kill cockroaches and rats if they find them in their territory.


As with skunks and raccoons, the nice technique to an opossum’s presence below stairs, porches, decks, or buildings is to screen or block the right of entry to the location. Close off all capability entrances or openings beneath the residence, garden tool shed, cellular domestic, deck, and many others. With 1/four–inch mesh hardware cloth. The advantage of the use of the small mesh is that it’s going to additionally exclude rats and residence mice. When possible, bury the hardware material up to six inches to deter the Possum Catcher from crawling or digging underneath the exclusionary shape.

Once a Possum Catcher has taken up residence under a building or deck, you need to make sure the animal has left before blocking off the outlet. A pretty clean manner to make this willpower is to sprinkle a smooth layer of flour approximately 1/eight–inch thick just in front of the point of entrance to shape a monitoring patch, in which the animal’s footprints may be evident. Examine the tracking patch quickly after darkish; the presence of footprints will suggest the animal has left and the opening can then be closed off.