We all have some experience of a bad speaker blasting out music at a party and sounding distorted with the sounds breaking up every 2 secs. In this article, you’ll see some tips about what you should keep in mind before buying a speaker or which one to use for a party where the speaker needs to give out high volume without the sound getting distorted.

Sound quality 

You should first know if you really need a speaker that is playing music at 100% perfect sound quality. A good rule of thumb would be that sound quality for outdoor places doesn’t really matter, but indoor speakers should reach a certain threshold when it comes to quality. 

When using a speaker outside, the sound waves act very differently from when inside a closed space. 

Also think about where you’ll be using your speaker the most, will it be more at a place for a lot of people, where there is a lot of talking or is it for a smaller group of people. The talk of people can make a good audio speaker sound like a terrible one. 


Lately, speaker manufacturers seem to be pushing the prices. But there are still great budget-friendly speakers out there, even from great brands. Also, look at the amount of hours this speaker will play – whether you need a speaker that you’ll only use once a month or every weekend. This is very important in your decision of buying a new speaker. 

Sadly, this article can only cover so much, so a good place you can find a list of speakers compared is Smarthomeflix. They have been around for a bit in the sound and audio game, and are one of the more respected and popular sources. 

Mobility or ease of use

Is keeping and transporting a speaker a problem for you? These are all little things you should keep in mind before making your decision on buying a speaker. The most powerful speakers will of course come in big sizes which are like rollable suitcases on wheels for ease of transportation. 

Ease of use is another big one; is your speaker a wired aux? Well, the connection quality might be a bit better for sure in an area with a lot of people using their phones. But bluetooth technology is getting better, making the quality difference almost not noticeable.